Off-Campus Conferences

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AAC&U Annual Meeting brings together campus leaders at all levels and from institutions of all types to explore the most pressing questions now facing higher education, to share effective educational practices and explore new financial models, and to work out together what undergraduate education will look like in the future.

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The AAC&U Conference provides sponsors a variety of continuing programs—meetings, workshops, and summer institutes for campus teams—that bring together college educators from across institutional types, disciplines, and departments. AAC&U activities nurture the talents and creativity of higher education's current and future leaders. 

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AAC&U Conference on Diversity, Equity, and Student Success focuses on building coalitions and breaking down institutional siloes to build more than just and equitable campuses and communities. This conference includes opportunities to explore how educators are breaking down barriers and building coalitions to advance effective practices, identifying solutions to enduring challenges, and leading change for the common good.  Recent conferences have centered on a critical examination of both the perceptions and the realities of equity, diversity, and what it means to educate for democracy in a constantly changing educational and societal landscape. Such an examination is central to the cultural and mindset shifts needed not only to identify inequities and biases without in institutions and our communities but also to operationalize the values and set the goals that will lead to institutional change and higher levels of accountability.

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Best Teachers Institute draws on the expertise of today's leading educational thinkers to help higher education administration, faculty, and staff transform the lives of their students through innovation in teaching, learning, and integrity building. A new rock-climbing wall? A winning sports team? How about creating life-changing, transformative learning experiences for your students—ones that will boost your public profile, increase learning outcomes, improve retention and graduation rates, and build a culture of academic integrity?

Whether you are looking for help for a day, a week, or a semester, the Best Teachers Institute can make a difference on your campus—and help you make a difference in the lives of your students.

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The Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy focuses on higher education teaching excellence and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The conference showcases the best pedagogical practice and research in higher education today. Sessions address disciplinary and interdisciplinary instructional strategies, outcomes, and research. Ultimately, the conference is an opportunity to demonstrate effective instructional practice and disseminate the latest research aimed at improving the quality of higher education.

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The ETOM Fall Conference focuses on faculty and the innovative ideas they have implemented in their online classes to increase student success. For more information about this conference please visit the ETOM conference website

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The Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference is a unique educational and professional opportunity for indigenous and women of color in higher education to network, engage, and learn with colleagues from around the country. Conference sessions explore topics of leadership, career advancement, personal well-being and scholar activism.

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International Teaching and Learning Conference- Allows attendees to explore alternative student learning experiences and ways in which faculty and institutions can enhance their teaching techniques. For additional information, visit the International Teaching and Learning Conference website

The Knapsack Institute is designed for individuals at the beginning to intermediate stages of this journey, as well as those seeking to refresh their approach and embrace intersectional strategies. As our nation becomes increasingly diverse, it is imperative to have the understanding and resources to effectively navigate discussions about diversity and inequality in the classroom and workplace. 

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Lilly - Traverse City is part of the overall Lilly Conference Series. For 35 years, Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning have provided opportunities for the presentation of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

The Michigan ACE Conference is a collaboration among the Michigan ACE Women’s Network, Michigan Women’s Commission, Michigan State University Women’s Resource Center, and a host institution. 

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The On Course National Conference provides an opportunity for educators to exchange and celebrate best practices in student success...from immediately useable instructional and counseling strategies to campus-wide programs that increase retention and student academic success. Learn great new strategies form educators who are changing the lives of their students and transforming their colleges into learner-centered institutions. Hear about how to empower your students to become active, responsible learners.

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The Teaching Professor Conference is the place for educators who are passionate about the art and science of teaching. It's an exhilarating three-day event focused on the latest research-based, classroom-tested best practices to enhance your knowledge and drive ever-better outcomes for the students you teach. You'll leave with a slew of high-impact, ready-to-implement practices you can put to work from the very first day of classes—without busting your budget or ballooning your workload. Count on learning not just from expert presenters, but from fellow delegates. From the latest technology, to the latest research, to the latest tools for a changing educational landscape, the conference brings you the best new thinking—side-by-side with time-test teaching principles. You'll gain invaluable perspectives to help keep your pedagogy fresh and engaging.

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