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Course Design Series Conclusion: Reflect, Re-focus, and Apply

Course Design Series Conclusion: Reflect, Re-focus, and Apply

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Thursday, August 12, 2021 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Facilitated by Margery Ginsberg, Ph.D., national expert on adult learning.


We invite all faculty to join us for a facilitated discussion intended to foster reflection on where you are right now with respect to readiness for the coming academic year and help you re-focus and get ready to apply what you have been learning and/or considering doing differently. It is a bonus if participants have engaged with the resources shared through this series up to this point, but it is not necessary. Come with an open mind, to listen and/or share with colleagues.  

Most instructors are masters of their content, and many have attended a number of informative workshops on teaching and learning in higher education, including recent workshops at GVSU. However, planning for motivating and effective academic learning among a range of students requires time to apply instructional knowledge in ways that work together to enhance learning. For example, even the most expert assessment repertoire will likely be motivationally insufficient without a plan for teaching that also considers relationships, cultural and personal relevance, and intriguing problems to solve.

This faculty development institute responds to the question, how can higher education faculty, across disciplines and teaching formats, assess and apply new and older instructional knowledge in ways that are inclusive, culturally nuanced, intrinsically motivating, and academic effective?

Faculty will imagine that 4 former students return to tell current students what motivated them to succeed in a course you taught, from an instructional perspective. One learner speaks about inclusion with a focus on respect & connectedness. One learner speaks about maintaining a positive attitude with a focus on choice and cultural and personal relevance. One learner speaks about making meaning from challenging & engaging tasks, and one learner speaks about competence through assessment practices that are authentic & supportive of their effectiveness.

This session offers a coherent method to assess instructional repertoires and improve upon them.  Much of the material is based on the facilitator’s co-authored book, Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching All Adults, 4th edition (Wlodkowski & Ginsberg, 2017). Please participate in this institute for a productive and hopeful response to instructional improvement.


Participants will learn and apply -

  • Four foundational conditions to coherently plan, initiate and mediate instruction face-to-face and online.
  • A template and protocol to reflect on teaching in ways that apply new and older instructional knowledge to enhance learners’ emotional safety, value for learning, engagement & competence.

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