Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

The intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) assesses intercultural competence—the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities.  Intercultural competence reflects the degree to which cultural differences and commonalities in values, expectations, beliefs, and practices are effectively bridged, an inclusive environment is achieved, and specific differences that exist in an organization or institution are addressed from a "mutual adaptation" perspective.  Success in achieving goals is better served when individuals can more deeply understand culturally-learned differences, recognize commonalities between self and others, and act on this increased insight in culturally appropriate ways that facilitate goal accomplishment among diverse individuals and groups.

The Intercultural Development Inventory is a 50-item questionnaire available online that can be completed in 15–20 minutes. The IDI Individual and Group Profile Report presents information about how individuals and organizations make sense of and respond to cultural differences and commonalities. The IDI can be integrated into curriculum design, assessment, professional development, and research. Cost to complete the survey is $20 per faculty member and $13 per student.  

Please contact Dana Munk ([email protected]) for an IDI consult.  Learn more by visiting the Intercultural Development Inventory webpage.

Page last modified January 16, 2024