Collaborative Faculty Teaching Models

Are you interested in teaching-related collaborations with other faculty? Whether exploring team teaching, coordinated assignments, guest lectures, or anything in between, the resources below provide a range of models, examples, and best practices for you to consider. 


Team/Collaborative Teaching is a resource site from the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching that provides an overview of several models of collaborative teaching as well as guiding questions and additional resources.


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Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well by Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen, 2014

Faculty groups: From Frustration to Collaboration by Susan Wheelan, 2005

Organizing Higher Education for Collaboration: A Guide for Campus Leaders by Adrianna Kezar and Jaime Lester, 2009

Breaking out of the Box: Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Faculty Work by Marilyn Amey and Daniel Brown, 2006

Investigating Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Theory and Practice Across Disciplines, by Helga Nowotny et al, 2016

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