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Compensation FAQ


What is the starting salary?

Salaries at GVSU are competitive and calculated by a combination of position requirements, professional rank, and experience. The minimum starting salary for most TT faculty has been $60k and around $44k for affiliates.

What are the retirement benefits?

GVSU provides 12% into a retirement account automatically. Individuals are vested after 2 years of employment within a higher education institution. Faculty and staff can contribute additional funds.


What are the criteria for reappointment, tenure and promotion?

CLAS sets its tenure, reappointment promotion guidelines within the framework of the campus guidelines.  Each unit also has discipline-specific requirements that align with college-level guidelines. The search committee chair can provide you with a copy of these unit guidelines.


Oindrila Mukerjee in the library


Will GVSU cover interview expenses?

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will normally cover reasonable expenses for those living at a distance from the Grand Rapids area. These will include economy flight, mileage, meals, and overnight stays.

Will GVSU provide for moving expenses?

GVSU provides minimum moving expenses for faculty of $2,000. These must be based on actual receipts. Under IRS regulations, amounts paid for amounts paid for the move do constitute a taxable benefit.

Does GVSU employ a moving company?

Grand Valley State University recommends the use of Corrigan Moving Company who has special discounts with Premier Mayflower and United Van Lines to assist you in relocating your household goods. A special rate has been established for GVSU faculty and staff to make your move both cost effective and well planned. Corrigan will provide pre-move information, cost estimates and scheduling assistance at no cost or obligation.

Does GVSU provide a relocation service?

To address all your relocation issues, you will need expert information and proper planning to make your move smooth and satisfying. Austin Relocation offers free comprehensive national and international relocation service. They also can assist you with selling your current home and purchasing your new home. As part of Grand Valley’s preferred partnership with Austin Relocation, we offer a credit up to $400 on your home inspection when working with one of our assigned agents. Austin Relocation has partnered with a broad and diverse network of real estate agents and relocation professionals who understand the needs of relocating families and may also offer preferred benefits.

Laker Line

Laker Line bus in front of campus building


What is the cost of parking?

Parking is free at all GVSU campuses. In August, you will receive a new parking pass for your vehicle(s).

What other transportation benefits?

The Rapid bus is free with a valid student, faculty, or staff I.D. Card. It can be taken anywhere throughout Grand Rapids. Campus also offers a connector bus between the three locations with its own schedule.

Does GVSU have charging for electric vehicles?

Yes, there are multiple charging stations on campus.


What health benefits are available?

GVSU offers comprehensive health benefits for individuals, couples or families using a PPO plan. There are two options: low deductible with premiums or high deductible with no premium. Both plans include yearly preventative check-ups, biannual eye exam, and routine shots at no cost. More detailed information is available at the GVSU Benefits Information Center website.

What dental benefits are available?

GVSU offers an affordable dental plan through Delta Dental. The dental plan includes yearly preventative care as well as more advanced care. Details on dental benefits are available from the GVSU Benefits Center.

What vision benefits are available?

GVSU's medical coverage includes routine preventative eye exams every two years, as well as discounts on your eye care purchases. GVSU also offers a supplementary vision plan through EyeMed Vision Care. Details on vision benefits are available at the GVSU Benefits Information Center.

Is there a flexible spending account option?

GVSU offers HSA and FSA options in line with IRS rules. Detailed information on flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts is available at the GVSU Benefits Information Center website.

What wellness options exist?

GVSU is committed to wellness and work life balance for faculty, staff and students. We offer information session, support groups, campus walks, and more throughout the year to help you meet your goals. GVSU has a work life coach and a wellness coach as part of our team!


What is the professional development funding?

GVSU provides $900 per year for each faculty member. There are many workshops and conferences offered through the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center as well as other campus partners. The Libraries provide additional funding to support faculty members attendance in general to one national and one regional conference a year.

Are there grants to support professional development and/or dissemination?

The Faculty Teaching & Learning Center makes grants available to faculty to attend conferences and courses. A faculty member can apply every other year.

The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence has many grants available to faculty members, including Dissemination Travel Grants. Dissemination grants can be applied for twice a year, for a maximum $1,000 per year.

Are there research support grants?

The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence has many grants available to faculty members to support the development and dissemination of research. These grants include mini-grants, catalysts grants, time reassignment grants, pre-tenure supplement, collaborative research and creative activity initiative, open access publishing support and a book subvention fund.

What tuition benefits are there for faculty and staff at GVSU?

Faculty and staff get up to 2 courses a term for free at GVSU. Their immediate family get a 50% discount for programs at GVSU. No benefits are available for other institutions.


Is GVSU committed to Inclusion and Equity?

Grand Valley State University is committed to inclusion and equity, and strives to establish a climate that welcomes and affirms the contributions of all students and employees. The University is guided by values for inclusiveness and community which are integral to our mission to educate students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies, and to enrich the community through excellent teaching, active scholarship, and public service. The University strives to provide all members of its community an inclusive environment and equitable opportunities for success.

Is GVSU an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution?

The University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution, consistent with its obligations as a federal contractor. It encourages diversity and provides equal opportunity in education, employment, all of its programs, and the use of its facilities. It is committed to protecting the constitutional and statutory civil rights of persons connected with the University.

What GVSU employee affinity groups are currently active?

There are many employee affinity groups on campus. These groups are supported by the Division of Inclusion and Equity and the Human Resources department. A complete listing of affinity groups is available online.

Where can I find information on support services for those who need accommodations due to injury or disability?

The Disability Support Resources (DSR) office is available to assist all GVSU students, faculty, and staff who need permanent or temporary accommodations. Their mission is to provide support resources and accommodations that enhance the environment for persons with disabilities and to help educate the university community on disability issues.

The GVSU Human Resources office also works very closely with employees who need accommodations for a variety of reasons to ensure a comfortable and productive work environment.

How diverse is GVSU?

The Division of Inclusion and Equity maintains a dashboard of statistics and metrics on diversity.

Is CLAS committed to Inclusion, Equity and Accessibility?

Short answer: yes. CLAS produced its first college inclusion plan in 2009, and many of the faculty and staff are trained Inclusion Advocates.


Does GVSU have daycare facilities?

GVSU has a childcare facility on the Allendale campus. The Children’s Enrichment Center (CEC) operates as a pre-school for children ages 2.5 – 5 and also offers after school care for children up to age 12.

There are also a wide variety of childcare options available in the surrounding communities. GVSU has a list of resources that will assist you in finding the right childcare solution for your family.

How can I find out about the schools in the region?

GVSU does not offer support about local schools. However, recent hires recommend to find out about local school rankings and highlights. The site offers to “explore the best schools in your area based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education.”

Are there other resources for parents?

From summer camps to family programming, there are many resources for parents and kids.  Check out our webpage.


Will GVSU consider non-U.S. citizens?

For faculty positions, non-U.S. citizens that meet all criteria will be considered. As per immigration law requirements, they can be only be selected if they exceed U.S. citizens. GVSU will seek on their behalf an H1B for a 3-year period, which can be renewed once.


Learn more about GVSU at the GVSU Policies website.

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