Parking Information

Things You Need To Know

Permits are required in faculty/staff and student spaces:

Monday - Thursday: 3:00 am - 6:30 pm

Friday: 3:00 am - 5:00 pm

*Permits are required in specially designated spaces and Pew Resident spaces 24/7, year 'round.

Overnight parking is enforced year 'round and is limited to residential spaces only. A valid residential permit is required. Vehicles are NOT allowed to park in non-residential lots, such as Commuter and Faculty/Staff.

If your vehicle breaks down and cannot be moved overnight, you must notify Parking Services at 616-331-7275 (during business hours) or Campus Safety at 616-331-3255 (after hours) to obtain overnight parking privileges. Disabled vehicles must be removed within 24 hours or you will be subject to citation.

Residential Meters - 25 cents for each 15 minutes with a 30 minute limit. Residential Meters are located near housing units.

Academic Meters - 30 cents for each 12 minutes or $1.50 for each hour with a 4 hour limit. Academic Meters are located in Kirkhof Lot and Lot D1.

Failed / Out of Order Meters are "No-Park" zones unless paying with  Parkmobile.

Payment is required in the Marketplace lot Monday - Saturday, 7:00 am - 8:00 pm, rather than 24/7. Overnight parking (3:00 am - 6:00 am) is not permitted in the Marketplace Visitor lot.

The Marketplace Visitor Lot located in the center of campus next to the bookstore will accommodate parking for up to two-hours. The cost associated with parking in this lot will be $2.50 per hour for a maximum of 2 hours; and all spaces including Disabled Reserved spaces will require payment.  

Paying to park will be made easy by visiting one of the two GVSU blue pay station shelters located within the lot and convenient to walkways.  You may also conveniently pay from your car by using your cell phone and the Parkmobile app.  Permit parking is not valid and violators will be cited. Accepted payment methods are:   Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Parkmobile.

Allendale Campus: Motorcycles do not require a parking permit. Motorcycles MUST park on the yellow hash marks at the end of parking rows. Motorcycles are NOT allowed to park in the blue ADA reserved hash marks, in vehicle spaces, or in areas signed as prohibited.

Pew Campus: Motorcycles are accommodated in designated motorcycles spaces only. Locations can be found at Eberhard Center loading dock, Seward Ramp, Watson Lot and DeVos Lot. Center for Health Sciences (CHS) spaces are accommodated on the upper level of the CHS ramp. Residents MUST park in the yellow hash marks at the end of parking rows in the Secchia Lot only. 

All expired permits must be removed from the windshield. Your parking permit decal must be displayed in the lower left corner/driver's side of the front windshield of your vehicle. Permit must be completely affixed to the windshield in full display, and visible at all times from outside the vehicle. Barcode must be in plain sight and scannable. Failure to properly display your permit may result in the issuance of a parking citation.

Parking permit decals are transferable between vehicles. The person registered to the permit is responsible for all citations incurred while the permit is displayed on the vehicle. Students, Faculty and Staff are limited to one permit decal without exception and additional permits are NOT available for purchase.

Faculty/Staff scheduled between 3 am and 6 am may park in Lot C, Lot D1, and the southwest row of Lot M. When parking overnight, particularly in the winter, vehicles are to park in clusters to allow for snow removal.

Please call Parking Services at (616)-331-7275 (PARK) with your parking questions.

Allendale Residents: If you live in Kirkpatrick, Stafford, Swanson, Seidman or Laker Village, you may call Parking Services (prior to pulling up) during business hours for drive-up privileges for a maximum of 15 minutes. After hours, you must call Campus Safety for drive-up privileges. If you reside in other living centers on campus, you must pay to park at the closest meters (30 minute maximum). Resident meters are enforced 24/7 year round.

Calder Residents: You are required to park in a Calder Resident space and transport your items.

Pew Residents: All vehicles must be parked in marked spaces with a valid permit or at a paid meter. The Winter Circle Drive is for short-term STOPPING and someone  must  be with the vehicle and able to operate it at all times.

Parking for People with ADA Compliance Needs:  A valid GVSU permit is required to accompany an ADA compliant placard or plate. If ADA compliance parking spaces are not available, the ADA permit holder may park at a meter (payment not required) or in a Faculty/Staff or Student lot only.  Parking in any other space is prohibited.  Parking in ADA compliant spaces in pay stations lots will require payment and is limited to a two hour stay.

University-Issued ADA Compliance Permits:

Mobility impaired persons shall be issued, without charge, a temporary permit not to exceed three (3) days by Parking Services. This permit is not renewable.

To obtain a thirty (30) day permit from Disability Support Resources, a written statement from a physician must be presented and must specifically state the need for ADA compliant parking and the time frame for which it is necessary. This permit is not renewable.

Those individuals needing ADA parking privileges beyond thirty (30) days must obtain a permit from the Michigan Secretary of State. If temporary ADA compliant parking accommodations are needed, contact Disability Resource Services at 616 - 331 - 2490 or Parking Services at 616 - 331 - 7275.

Illegal Use of an ADA Parking Placard or License Plate: Under Michigan law, it is illegal to use an ADA placard or license plate when the ADA permit holder is not being transported; to lend an ADA placard to another person; and to make a copy of an ADA placard.

Campus Safety will confiscate any ADA placard found to be in use illegally and return said placard to the Secretary of State with an explanation of misuse.

ADA Compliance Parking Fine: $100


Disability Support Resources (DSR) is offering a shuttle service on the Allendale campus. This shuttle service is available to anyone that needs assistance getting to and from class/work.

The shuttle pick-up destination for the north campus will be located at the island in parking lot D-1 (next to The Rapid shelter and ADA accessible parking spaces at the south end of the lot/closest to Mackinac Hall) and our south campus pickup location can be found at The Rapid shelter in parking Lot M (between Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario Hall)

The DSR Shuttle will be available Monday-Friday from 7:30 am – 9:00 am & 3:30 pm-5:30 pm.  Rides needed outside of these times must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

To request a ride or schedule van service, please call Disability Support Resources at 616-331-2490. Between 7:30 am – 8:00 am, please speak directly to the van driver for assistance.

Please allow at least 10 minutes for the shuttle to arrive after a request has been made, as the shuttle may already be dropping someone off.                                                                                                                     

For any questions please call Disability Support Resources at 616-331-2490.                                                                                                              



  • Parking Lot D-1:  located off of North Campus Dr. across from Lot C.
  • Mackinac: B-wing at north side entrance or D wing.
  • Manitou: entrance on south side of building next to The Commons.
  • Student Services/Henry Hall/Padnos:  at the water fountain behind the Student Services Building. 
  • Mary Idema Pew Library:  clock tower side in front of the library entrance.
  • Kirkhof Center: clock tower side in front of library entrance.
  • James Zumberge Hall: at parking garage entrance next to the pond.
  • Au Sable Hall: between ASH and LHH.
  • Lake Huron Hall: between ASH and LHH.
  • Lake Superior Hall: South Side of building w/no steps opposite of JHZ.
  • Lake Michigan Hall: The Rapid shelter between Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario.
  • Lake Ontario Hall: The Rapid shelter between Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario.
  • Holton-Hooker Learning & Living Center: Pick up is in front of Holton-Hooker at the door exit on the Einstein Bagel side
  • P. Douglas Kindschi Hall of Science and Marketplace: Pick up will be located in Lot F by the ADA accessible parking spaces in front of the Laker Bookstore Marketplace.

Carpooling on-campus is only available for Faculty and Staff in Pew Campus.

Students may carpool and park at Walker Fire Station in between the two campuses.

Electric charging stations are found in Lot F and Lot N. Vehicles must have a valid Grand Valley permit and be actively charging in order to park in these locations. Guests must stop in to Parking Services for a temporary pass before parking and charging.

Allendale Residents 

Call Housing & Residence Life to verify your vehicle's status (616-331-2120). Specific Information will be requested (make, model, color and plate number of vehicle) and added to a list. The Associate Director will send this list to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Once the DPS receives the list, they will provide the student with an additional corresponding decal which identifies the ability to park in the Hybrid and Electric parking spaces. All other rules for parking on campus apply to the Hybrid and Electric parking spaces. Because it is a residential parking lot, commuters may not park in those spaces. Hybrid and Electric Car spaces in Residential lots are reserved for residents only. These specialty spaces require special permits. Guests may not park in these spaces regardless of day or time.


Faculty and Staff

Vehicles that utilize an alternative fuel or energy source (i.e. - E85 ethanol, battery-powered drive trains) are eligible for alternative fuel parking. The Faculty / Staff member will need to provide one of the two following pieces of documentation for a vehicle that utilizes power drive trains:

          Current proof of registration for a vehicle that utilizes E85 ethanol

          Receipt showing the purchase of E85 fuel within the last 30 days

Those wishing to register their vehicle will also need to bring in their current Faculty/Staff parking sticker in addition to the documentation listed above.

Visitors must stop in to Parking Services with a valid Photo ID for a visitor permit. The vehicle's license plate number is also required.

Students - You are allowed 20 days of temporary parking permits each semester at the cost of $6.00 per permit. To obtain your temporary permit, bring your student ID and license plate number to Parking Services or Pew Campus Security.

Faculty - Temporary permits are available daily at Parking Services or Pew Campus Security. Bring a valid photo ID and license plate number to receive a permit at no cost (some restrictions do apply to those with outstanding citation balances).

IMPORTANT!  Unauthorized or improper use of a permit may result in disciplinary action or a referral to the University Judicial process.  Fraudulent use of this permit will result in its confiscation and may result in criminal penalties.  Fraudulently obtaining goods or services is a crime punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of not more than $2,000.

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