Cell and Molecular Career Guide

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Past Internship Sites:

  • MSU Department of Translational Science and Molecular Medicine
  • Spectrum Genetics Department
  • Ranir
  • MPI Research
  • Zoetis
  • Neogen
  • Karmons Cancer Institute
  • Illinois State Police Forensics
  • National Institute of Health
  • National Science Foundation (REU)
  • Eli Lilly

Where Alumni Have Landed

  • Research Development Laboratory Technician – Ranir
  • Research Associate – Van Andel Institute
  • Research Specialist – Directions in Research
  • Clinical Research Assistant – START Midwest at The Cancer and Hematology Centers of West Michigan
  • Learning Facilitator – Consumers Energy
  • Quality Control – Zoetis
  • Account Manager – Novogue Corporation
  • Assistant Chemistry Lab Technician – Heat Transfer International
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor – Boars Head
  • Scientist – Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories
  • General Manager and Director of Brewing Operations – Perrin Brewing
  • Production Business Analyst – Agropur
  • Quality Assurance Specialist – Starbucks
  • Extraction Lab Technician – Monsanto
  • Supervisor of Molecular Department – Hematogenix
  • Data Analyst – Genomenon
  • Technical Writer – Ranir

Student Organizations to Consider

  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular biology
  • Biology Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Doctors Without Boarders
  • Genetic Counseling Organization
  • Medical Science Discussion Club
  • Microbiology Club
  • Pre MD/PhD Club

Study Abroad Programs

The best time for CMB students to go abroad tends to be early in their college careers, when gen eds and more basic science classes are still available.  Internships, especially during summers, could also be a great way to boost your science resume in preparation for a career or graduate school.

Develop some of these technical and professional competencies to be successful:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Tax Software
  • Knowledge of ERP / SAP
  • Tax Law
  • Analysis
  • Audit principles
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Organization and ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Accuracy
  • Strong math skills
  • Compliance
  • Integrity
  • High level attention to detail
  • Data Entry

Graduate and Professional Education

Qualified undergraduates may be admitted to an accelerated bachelor's/master's program at GVSU and obtain both a BS and an MS in cell and molecular biology within an accelerated time frame. 

The Master of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology is designed to produce outstanding graduates, and is the study of the biochemical, biophysical, and genetic processes in cells. The Cell and Molecular Biology M.S. P.S.M. program is part of Grand Rapids’ only Professional Science Master's Degree program, and prepares students in the important and dynamic fields of Cell and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedical research.

Genetic Counseling Career Information.

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