Career Opportunities for CMB graduates

In the era of the human genome project and an explosion of interest in biotechnology, jobs in the life sciences make everyone's list of top future career prospects. Graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Cell and Molecular Biology will find themselves right at the epicenter of this activity and excitement, with a number of possible career paths to pursue.

Most Grand Valley CMB graduates will find themselves following one of three typical paths after graduation:

  1. Entering the workforce directly, using their scientific training while employed at an industrial, government, academic, clinical or institutional lab.
  2. Continuing their studies in graduate school, seeking out a Master's degree or a PhD in the life sciences - these degrees often lead to a position of research leadership at an academic or industrial institution.
  3. Using their Cell and Molecular Biology training to prepare for entry into medical, dental or veterinary school.

Whatever the path that a graduate follows, the career options are almost limitless for a well-trained scientist. Below is listed a sampling of possible careers, with an indication of what type of training would typically be necessary to pursue that option.

Industrial/Institutional Research
Academic Research
Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary Medicine
Genetic Counseling
Journalism/Science Writing
Intellectual Property Law


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Page last modified June 6, 2019