CMB 499 Research

Research as a degree requirement and timeline of research projects

At Grand Valley State University, research, scholarship, and creative activity are essential components of the university's mission as an institution of higher learning. All Cell and Molecular Biology majors are required to do 3 credits of research (CMB 499) or internship (CMB 490) with the option to do more. 

You can complete your research project over 1 or more semesters.

You will present your research during a CMB Undergraduate Research Symposium in the same semester as your CMB 495 Capstone. You can start your research as early as you would like (freshman, sophomore, or junior year). You should, however, plan ahead to have completed at least 2 credits of CMB 499/490 prior to the semester when you will be taking the Capstone course.

You can choose to join a faculty research lab here at Grand Valley or to apply for a research scholarship/internship at a different university or research institute. 

Talk to your faculty advisor about which option and schedule would be best for you. You will find your faculty advisor’s name and email address in Banner.  Ultimately, it is up to you, not your advisor, to find a research opportunity, so start thinking about this early.

Page last modified February 14, 2023