Smart Data User Guides

Please note, Smart Data is no longer used for reconciling your PCard statements or reallocating transactions to different FOAPs. You can still log into Smart Data to view transactions prior to 7/1/21. Please visit the Concur Training Website for more information about Concur.

Smart Data is the online management and reporting tool which allows you to view and reallocate Fund, Organization, Account, and Program (FOAP) transactions, view and print statements.

Smart Data Frequently Asked Questions

  • Login Information
  • Account Group Manager or Cardholder?
  • Retrieving Monthly Statements
  • Disputing Transactions
  • FOAP Reallocation

Cardholder Guide

Cardholders only have one card that they oversee and have viewing rights to see in Smart Data.

Cardholder User Guide

  • Initial Login
  • Viewing Transactions
  • Reallocating FOAPs
  • Splitting Transactions to Multiple FOAPs
  • Viewing and Printing Monthly Statements

Account Group Manager Guide

Account Group Managers oversee multiple cards or other cardholders card(s) and has Smart Data viewing rights to those cards.

Account Group Manager User Guide

  • Initial Login
  • Viewing Transactions and Reallocating FOAPs
  • Splitting Transactions to Multiple FOAPs
  • Scheduling Monthly Statements to Auto Run
  • Viewing Monthly Statements On Demand

Smart Data Training Videos

The following training videos are available:

  • Intro to Smart Data
  • Transaction Summary Advanced Search
  • Running Reports
  • Cardholder Self-Registration Process
  • Account Group Manager Overview
  • Reallocating FOAPs and Splitting Transactions



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