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Campus Visitors

People, including volunteers, who are not faculty, staff, students, contractors or vendors, who enter upon University owned or controlled property for the purpose of attending an event or authorized activity.

Export Group


Title Policy Number Responsible Office
Export Control Policy PC 3.6 Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
Facilities and Administrative Cost Policy PC 3.7 Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
General Responsibilities of Principal Investigators/Project Directors Policy PC 3.8 Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
Non-Affiliate/Guest Use of Library Resources and Computers PC 3.9 University Libraries
Externally Sponsored Projects Policy PC 3.11 Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
Textbooks and Course Materials Policy PC 3.12 Provost Office
Training of Personnel Involved in Animal Research PC 3.13 Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
United States Government Documents Internet Use PC 3.14 University Libraries
Service and Consulting Agreements Policy PC 3.17 Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
Principal Investigator Eligibility Policy PC 3.18 Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
Identification Card Policy PC 4.4 Human Resources
Smoking (and Vaping) Policy PC 4.6 Human Resources
Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy PC 5.1 Alcohol and Other Drugs Campus Education and Services Office (ACES)
Animals on Property Owned or Controlled by the University PC 6.1 Public Safety
Cancellation/Closure Policy PC 6.3 Public Safety
Equipment Acquisition and Disposal Policy PC 6.5 Business and Finance
Event Signs and Banners Policy - Allendale Campus PC 6.7 Facilities Services
Heating and Cooling Set Points PC 6.8 Facilities Services
Identity Theft Detection Policy PC 6.9 Business and Finance
Interior Signage Standards Policy PC 6.10 Facilities Planning
Key Policy - Allendale Campus PC 6.12 Facilities Services
Keys and Card Access Policy - Pew Campus PC 6.13 Pew Campus Operations
Lightning/Severe Weather Policy - Athletics PC 6.14 Athletics
Space Heaters and Personal Appliance Policy PC 6.16 Pew Campus Operations/ Allendale Facilities Services
Unmanned Aircraft System / Drone Policy PC 6.20 Public Safety
Laker Store Policy PC 6.21 GVSU Laker Store
Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences Event Policy PC 6.22 Conference Planning & Hospitality Services
DeVos Center Room Rental Policy PC 6.23 Conference Planning & Hospitality Services
Eberhard Center Event Policy PC 6.24 Conference Planning & Hospitality Services
Lake Michigan Center Event Policy PC 6.25 Conference Planning & Hospitality Services
Winter Hall Meeting Room Policy PC 6.26 Conference Planning & Hospitality Services
Weapons Policy PC 6.27 Public Safety
Parking Ordinance PC 6.28 Public Safety
Use of Security Cameras PC 6.29 Public Safety
Crisis Communication Plan PC 7.1 University Communications
Identity Standards Policy PC 7.2 Institutional Marketing
Motion Picture/Video/Film/Digital Imaging Production on the Campus PC 7.3 University Communications
Publications and Advertising PC 7.4 Institutional Marketing
Web Polices for Academic and Administrative Units PC 7.5 Institutional Marketing
Anti-Harassment Policy PC 9.1 Inclusion and Equity/Office of Affirmative Action
Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment (Including Retaliation) Policy PC 9.3 Inclusion and Equity
Sexual Misconduct Policy Including: Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation, Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic or Dating Violence), Stalking & Retaliation PC 9.4 Inclusion and Equity
Religious Inclusion Policy PC 9.6 Inclusion and Equity/Office of Affirmative Action
Web Accessibility Policy PC 9.7 Equity, Planning, and Compliance Unit
Minors on Campus Policy PC 9.8 Human Resources
Conflict of Interest Policy PC 10.1 Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
Freedom of Information Act Policy PC 10.3 Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
Grounds and Facility Use Policy PC 10.4 Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
Commercial Activity Policy PC 10.4.1 Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
Political Activity Policy PC 10.5 Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
Social Security Number Privacy Policy PC 10.6 Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
Email Policy PC 11.2 Information Technology
Computer Virus and Malware Policy PC 11.3 Information Technology
Voicemail Policy PC 11.4 Information Technology
Computing Conditions of Use (Information Technology) PC 11.5 Information Technology
Digital Media Policy PC 11.6 Inclusion and Equity/Office of Affirmative Action
Confidentiality, Data & Security Policy PC 11.7 Information Technology
Faculty/Staff Abuse of Technology PC 11.8 Information Technology
Secure Office Procedure PC 11.11 Information Technology
Software Support Policy PC 11.12 Information Technology