Software Support Policy

SLT 11.12

  1. Policy Statement
  2. Procedures

Policy Statement

Information Technology is responsible for providing software support to the campus community. IT resources are finite. Therefore, reasonable limits must be identified regarding the number and variety of software products supported by IT. This policy is intended to define those limits. 


The software industry is characterized by constant change. Therefore, it is unreasonable to establish a single, static list of supported software. It is equally unreasonable to force the campus community to change software on a frequent basis.

Information Technology will provide support for the most recent operating systems for Windows and Macintosh platforms as well as one version back.

Standard software applications issued with a university computer will be supported in the most recent version and one version back unless compatibility issues arise.

Institutional ownership of a site license does not imply IT support for all products covered by the license. Software provided in labs and classrooms outside of the standard applications listed above are not supported by Information Technology. Software assistance is required through the vendor providing the application.