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Laker Store Policy

SLT 6.21

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Policy Statement

GVSU Laker Store is dedicated to serving the students of Grand Valley State University with resources, which enhance the University’s mission and image. 


Textbook Locations

GVSU Laker Store - Allendale carries the textbooks and supplies required for classes taught on the Allendale campus and for those taught in Holland and other “satellite” locations across the state. These are available online at http://lakerstore.gvsu.edu or by calling toll free at 866-299- 0001.

GVSU Laker Store – Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus carries the textbook and supplies for classes taught in Grand Rapids, including those at the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences.

Other Merchandise
Both store locations offer a selection of GVSU imprinted clothing and gifts, greeting cards, leisure reading books, school supplies, and a full line of computers and accessories, including Apple products. The leisure reading department includes a faculty book section. Faculty who publish are encouraged to notify the GVSU Laker Store staff, and we will add the title to our inventory.

Discounts, Sales and Promotions
GVSU Laker Store attempts to maintain pricing policies that are reasonable, fair and consistent. As a result, the same pricing is made available to students, faculty and staff. Sales and promotions are announced in advance on the GVSU Laker Store website and the University bulletin board, in addition to fliers and posters across campus. The same promotions are made available at both store locations.

Merchandise Returns Policies
Textbooks may be returned for a full refund through the first week of classes with a valid receipt. Specific deadlines are announced each semester. Other merchandise can generally be returned within a reasonable period when accompanied by a valid receipt. Merchandise, other than textbooks, will be accepted for an exchange when no receipt is presented. Refunds for purchases paid with cash or check will be refunded in cash, while returns for credit card purchases will be credited to the card.

Book Sell Back
GVSU Laker Store conducts a daily textbook sell-back at both store locations. Generally, sellback values increase near the end of each semester, and the majority of students sell their books during final exam week. Books that will be used at GVSU in the coming semester are purchased by the bookstore at 50% of the new book retail price until store quotas are met. Books that are not being used at GVSU may be purchased at 5-30% of retail price as long as they are current editions.

Textbook Orders
To insure the arrival of textbooks for the start of classes and to offer students an opportunity to sell their books at the end of the term, it is requested that faculty submit textbook orders by published deadlines. Textbook orders need to be in the bookstore by October 25 for winter semester, by February 25 for spring-summer semester, and by March 25 for fall semester. Requisitions may be submitted on-line in the faculty access section of the bookstore’s website at http://lakerstore.gvsu.edu/

For access information, please consult your department coordinator. When submitting a requisition, please provide accurate ISBN information to insure that the correct book is ordered. GVSU Laker Store staff also appreciate notification that “no books are required” for a class when appropriate.

Faculty may choose to create coursepacks for sale through the bookstore. This may be done by working with a custom publisher, which manages copyright clearances and copying, or through the University’s Copy Center. In the latter case, faculty must perform copyright clearances themselves. Letters from publishers authorizing copying of materials, together with a complete and final version of the coursepack, should be forwarded to the appropriate bookstore location well in advance before the start of the semester. The textbook manager will arrange for copying, return the original to the faculty member, and place coursepacks on the shelf in time for the start of the semester.

Desk Copy Loans
Publishers will not honor requests for desk copy loans from bookstore personnel, so such requests should be made directly to the publisher. Faculty requiring a desk copy of an adopted textbook should contact their publisher representative for additional information.