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General Responsibilities of Principal Investigators/Project Directors Policy

SLT 3.11.5

  1. Policy Statement
  2. Procedures

Policy Statement

The Principal Investigator/Project Director is responsible for a variety of general responsibilities, which are outlined in the following section. 



The following General Responsibilities form shall be provided by OSP to each Principal Investigator at the time of award. The Principal Investigator is responsible for signing and returning the original to OSP within five business days of its receipt. The original shall be retained in the award OSP record file in accordance with record retention guidelines. The Principal Investigator/Project Manager is responsible for: 

  • Compliance with the award terms and conditions. Notifying OSP of potential scope, budget or schedule shifts, and requesting/obtaining Authorizing Official review and approval of such, if required.
  • Obtaining signatures on the (Request to Add a New Fund (RANF) form, and submitting the RANF to the Office of Business & Finance. A copy of the original proposal, notice of award, budget, and other official documents must be attached to the RANF form. The RANF will not be processed without these attachments.
  • Ensuring that the Salary Request is prepared and signed by the Unit Head/Dean and other appropriate individuals. Salary Request letters accompany the signed RANF form.
  • Management of the grant, contract/subcontract, or cooperative agreement and conducting the project to meet project goals and objectives while adhering to agency guidelines and GVSU policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring that all individuals involved in the administrative and financial aspects of the award receive BANNER training.

    The Office of Grants Accounting will assist with the invoicing and accounting process. The PI is also responsible for ensuring that all grant expenditures are reviewed on a monthly basis (at a minimum) and ensuring that those expenses incurred are approved in the BANNER system.
  • Ensuring that for those items acquired or purchased under the terms of the award and with grant funds that sponsor requirements and GVSU Purchasing Procedures are followed.
  • Ensuring that all project expenditures are directly related to the project and necessary to meet project goals and objectives. Knowing the cost sharing requirements that were committed in the budget approved by the agency and GVSU and insuring that these obligations are met.
  • Certifying the time/effort of personnel paid by the grant, contract/subcontract, or cooperative agreement, or cost sharing/matching time on the project.
  • Completing a Conflict of Interest Financial Disclosure form, and having no conflict of interest that could affect the conduct of the project. Any such possible conflict of interest must be reported to OSP as soon as it is apparent.  
  • Ensuring that the PI as well as all undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral students receive Responsible Conduct of Research training, if required by the sponsor. PIs and students are required to sign a Completion of Training form confirming the date, receipt, and satisfactory completion of this training. The form must be returned to OSP for the record file.
  • Ensuring that GVSU policies and federal regulations governing the protection of human research subjects are followed. Ensuring the adherence to federal governing regulations and GVSU Animal Care and Use Policy for the use of animals in research.
  • Ensuring compliance with the GVSU policy on Political Activity, as well as ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of an award governing such activity. 
  • Submitting required reports and/or documentation in a timely manner.
  • Certifying that the PI, and any subcontractor or sub-recipient on this project, is not debarred, suspended or proposed for debarment by any federal entity. The PI agrees to notify the University (both OSP and Purchasing Dept.) of any change in this status, should one occur, until such time as an award is made under a procurement action. See www.sam.gov.