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Publications and Advertising

SLT 7.4

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Policy Statement

Institutional Marketing manages, designs, and produces a full range of publications and visual materials, including recruitment materials, course catalog, programs, brochures, posters, postcards, banners, and invitations. Advertising is also designed and produced in the Office of Institutional Marketing for the purposes of university image/awareness and recruitment. If not produced by Institutional Marketing, all publications and ads should be approved by Institutional Marketing before publication. Logo, design, and copy standards can be found at http://www.gvsu.edu/identity


Because of the high demand for print pieces, the following priorities have been set for pieces to be produced by Institutional Marketing:

  1. The Office of the President
  2. Publications used by academic services in student recruiting
  3. Materials used off campus for development purposes
  4. Major publications of the university dealing with the general public or special external audiences
  5. Advertising production support for development and student recruiting
  6. Other university publications

Requests for forms, applications, etc. are not handled by Institutional Marketing and should be ordered through Procurement Services.

All publications and advertising should be sent to Institutional Marketing for review before they are printed or posted. Please contact 331-2525 for more information.