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Disorderly Conduct Policy

SLT 6.31

Policy Statement

The University has adopted this policy in furtherance of the University’s mission, for the protection of individuals and the University and to mitigate improper interferences with University activities.

This policy applies to all buildings, grounds, and other spaces owned or controlled by the University.

  1. Unlawful Individual Activities. No person shall engage in any activity, individually or in concert with others, which causes or constitutes a disruption of University operations or activities, including obstruction of teaching, research, administration, or other activities, either outdoors or inside a classroom, office, or other place on which University operations or activities are conducted or held (hereafter “Campus”), nor shall any person in any way intimidate, harass, threaten, or assault any person engaged in lawful activities on the campus. This includes, but is not limited to, violations of the Grounds and Facility Use Policy.
  2. Conduct at Performances. No person shall disrupt or interfere with any authorized performance before an audience on the Campus, including concerts, plays, lectures, scientific demonstrations, athletic contests, and similar activities, by making of noise, blocking the view of others at the performance with signs or other items, engaging in disruptive behavior, throwing or dropping projectiles, entering upon the stage, playing field, or other performance area, or by any other means.
  3. Public Events. No person shall enter or attempt to enter into any concert, theatrical performance, lecture, dance, athletic contest or other event contrary to the rules or qualification for eligibility for entry as established by the sponsors, or without a ticket, where required.
  4. Loitering. No person shall loiter in an area of Campus that is not open to the public without prior authorization, or meddle with, tamper with, interfere with, move, damage or disconnect any property not their own.

If anyone believes someone’s behavior violates this policy, they should contact the Department of Public Safety immediately.