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Non-Affiliate/Guest Use of Library Resources and Computers

SLT 3.9

Policy Statement

Grand Valley has developed this policy in cooperation with its libraries and library staff to outline the policy guest usage of written materials, books and documents housed within the library as well as library computer resources. 


All requests for tours will be evaluated according to purpose, outcomes and facility availability. Scheduling is based on staff availability, the University academic calendar and activity within the library. Tours may be restricted during mid-term and final exam study periods.

General building tours may be requested by calling 616.331.3500.

Walk-in tours of the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning & Information Commons are offered throughout the year. No registration is necessary, and these tours are available on a first come, first served basis, and limited to fifteen per session. Inquire at the Service Desk upon arrival. Self-guided tour brochures are available at the Service Desk.

GVSU course specific tours of any of the University Libraries locations may be requested, please contact your subject librarian.

University, school and professional groups interested in specific library programming; building vision and project, technology, architecture, facilities, or LEED information may request an administrative meeting and building tour by contacting University Libraries Administration at 616.331.2606.

Library Resources

Borrowing of GVSU library items requires a valid GVSU ID, or GVSU Alumni Card.

Computer Access 

 Guests must present a valid, government issued ID or other photo ID with additional proof of residence to library staff. Additionally, guest users will agree to abide by current GVSU computer use policies. Failure to do so will result in computer access privileges being revoked. Library staff will exercise discretion in limiting guest access in favor of GVSU students, faculty and staff. Accommodations will be made for those in need of accessing our government depository collections.

Room Reservations

The University Libraries is oriented toward the students, faculty and staff of Grand Valley State University. Room reservations are limited to GVSU affiliated individuals and require authentication.

Minor Guests

In accordance with section V of the Minors on Campus Policy (SLT 9.8), the Libraries are not considered a venue appropriate for unescorted or unsupervised minors. Authorized representatives may check out items for minors, and in doing so, assumes responsibility for the material.

In accordance with the Minors on Campus Policy section IV, minors who are enrolled in GVSU courses, have all privileges and responsibilities of students using the Libraries.