Professional Development

Professional Development Tip

Plan for Your Retirement

  • It is never too early to plan for your future.
  • If you have not done so already, meet with a financial representative from TIAA or Fidelity.
  • They visit campus and take meetings throughout the semester and can provide insight on how your retirement is looking

What is Professional Development

At GVSU, professional development is comprised of a continuum of opportunities—internal and external to the University—which expand or enhance competencies and capabilities that contribute to GVSU’s mission. Professional development (PD) includes the pursuit/acquisition of skills, attitudes, or knowledge which is reasonably connected to the mission of the University.   Such pursuits would include training, conferences, degrees, certifications, or experiences directly related to one’s current—or reasonable next—job within the University. Professional development includes more than training or classroom style events.  Job rotations, shadowing, stretch assignments, communities of practice, coaching/mentoring relationships, conferences, travel, and service projects can all be vehicles for professional development.






Featured Professional Development Blog

This section contains a monthly blog offering fresh, interesting perspectives on higher education and professional development. 

Are you interested in contributing as a guest writer? 

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Staying Relevant in Your Career

Demand for talent in higher education is changing, with a particular need to address the return on investment for our students and the communities that they enter to work and live upon graduation.  Let us each ask ourselves, “What am I doing to stay relevant in the business of higher education?”  Each of us may have differing answers and opinions, but this is an important question to consider when setting professional development goals.

Here are two areas of particular importance to the future of higher education


  • Many administrators would say that effective use of technology would transform higher education by introducing significant efficiencies and dramatic cost reductions in serving students.
  • Did you know faculty and staff of GVSU can take a college level course tuition free on campus? Talk to your supervisor to make arrangements. Or you can check out the many opportunities to maintain and develop technical skills through our programs in Sprout – GVSU’s training and workshops webpage.

Community Engagement

  • Another important topic during the great transition into the future of higher education involves recognizing the value, not just with students but also faculty and staff, in service learning and community engagement. 
  • GVSU and other institutions have factored in the needs of surrounding communities, drawing on the community for work experience or cooperative opportunities related to the student's area of study. Our own GVSU Community and Service Learning Center offers many opportunities for AP staff to connect with community partners and increase awareness of economic trends.

What are some ways that you stay informed, stay current, or stay relevant for your career?