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Professional Development Tip

Read, Listen, Talk

  • Sometimes we overlook how much our personal development is tied to our professional development.
  • Read books, articles, news, whatever interests you and helps you to learn about the world around you. Listen to radio or podcasts, these exist to help you learn about literally any topic. Talk with people, you can learn so much from a casual conversation with someone.

What is Professional Development

At GVSU, professional development is comprised of a continuum of opportunities—internal and external to the University—which expand or enhance competencies and capabilities that contribute to GVSU’s mission. Professional development (PD) includes the pursuit/acquisition of skills, attitudes, or knowledge which is reasonably connected to the mission of the University.   Such pursuits would include training, conferences, degrees, certifications, or experiences directly related to one’s current—or reasonable next—job within the University. Professional development includes more than training or classroom style events.  Job rotations, shadowing, stretch assignments, communities of practice, coaching/mentoring relationships, conferences, travel, and service projects can all be vehicles for professional development.


Featured Professional Development Blog

This section contains a quarterly blog offering fresh, interesting perspectives on higher education and professional development. 

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New Year, New You: Increase your success in accomplishing your new year’s resolutions.

By Elisa Salazar (Guest Blogger)

Setting resolutions is a tradition many like to participate in during the New Year.

  • Consider setting an intention for the year and also asking yourself where do I want to be at the end of 2021?
  • Ask yourself when I accomplish this resolution how will it contribute more to the person I want to become? For example, eating healthier will help me be the person I want to be because I will have more energy for projects that are important to me and I will be able to feel more confident which will help me with my professional goals.

It is important to think holistically about our intentions in order to increase our motivation. A few other helpful tips to increase your success in accomplish your resolutions: 

  • Break your goal down in to small steps. If the end goal is to work out 3 times a week and you have never really worked out, then perhaps start with walking for half an hour three days a week and gradually increasing frequency, time, intensity, duration. Often times we try to start with the goal at a level that is unrealistic whereas if we made small progression we would eventually develop strong and sustainable habits.
  • Celebrate successes. Once you meet those small steps for the week or month, then give yourself credit for accomplishing it. Reinforce your own positive change by recognizing it and finding small ways to honor yourself.
  • Plan for difficult times.  How will you maintain your habit/change when you are stressed, when there are limited resources, when the gym is closed or you forget to bring your lunch, during the Holidays?
  • Seek help and support. Grand Valley offers health coaching to support you with your goals. Take advantage of the accountability, the support in developing creative interventions, and troubleshooting barriers with these supportive options.

Remember setting resolutions is ultimately about setting an intention for the year but it is not just a one-time thing. For sustainable change, you will need to keep it top of mind.

Best of luck as you continue to grow and strengthen yourself this year!

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