Conflict Resolution Process (CRP)

Turning Conflict Into Opportunity 

Grand Valley State University is aware that the potential for conflict always exists; the University also believes that there are effective tools for dealing with conflict, tools that range from conversation with a neutral party to facilitated meetings and mediation to the more formal complaint and grievance procedures. This website is designed to make you aware of the various resources that the University has available to you and to help you navigate through the GVSU Conflict Resolution Process. 

I'm experiencing conflict at work. What's my first step? Review the process. Next, explore your options by talking informally but confidentially about your situation with the Work Life Consultant and discussing which approach would be the most helpful. The Work Life Consultant will explain the various resources that are available and make suggestions about which of them might be most appropriate. The Work Life Consultant is the coordinator of Mediation Services for Faculty and Staff and Staff and can be reached at 331-2215. 

Right to Privacy: The University acknowledges and respects the privacy of the conversations that you may have using the CRP, and reasonable efforts will be made to maintain confidentiality unless the circumstances warrant a need for the University to investigate, as in the case of allegations of discrimination or harassment or possible illegal activity. 

Retaliation: The University has adopted the position that no faculty or staff member will be subject to any form of discipline or retaliation for initiating or participating in good faith in any process or proceeding under the Conflict Resolution Process. Any faculty or staff member who retaliates against another faculty or staff member for using the Conflict Resolution Process will be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge. 

Collegiality Policy:  In order to foster a healthy and diverse environment, we will act with integrity, communicate respectfully, and accept responsibility for our words and actions.  See the GVSU Collegiality Policy for more details.

GVSU Employee Assistance Program - If you are dealing with personal issues on and off the job, contact Encompass.

Page last modified August 9, 2018