Conflict Resolution Process (CRP)

Conflict is a natural, expected, and unavoidable aspect of personal and workplace relations. In an effort to cultivate an inclusive and equitable employee experience that contributes to employee wellbeing and continuous improvement, HR@GV seeks to mitigate workplace through a variety of resources and reporting options, both formal and informal in nature. Please contact your HR Strategic Business Partner for additional information, assistance, and consultation related to conflict prevention and resolution.

Support Resources




Encompass Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Encompass offers 24/7 crisis support, consultation, and coaching to GVSU faculty and staff as well as free on-demand online resources via My Life Expert.

Resources available through Encompass include legal/financial resources, life coaching, medical advocacy, mental health counseling, and work/life resources (adoption, elder/adult care, special needs support, etc)

(800) 788-8630 

Restorative Practices

HR@GV offers a restorative-based, voluntary, and informal Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process for workplace conflict and a growing resource library for conflict prevention and resolution.

Faculty and staff may refer a situation for informal conflict resolution facilitated by trained staff within and outside of Human Resources.

(616) 331-2215

1090 Zumberge

Employee Ombuds

The Employee Ombuds serves as a neutral, informal, and confidential resource to help faculty and staff navigate and address workplace issues.

The Employee Ombuds empowers individuals to work through conflicts and concerns, helps individuals improve their skill and confidence for effective conflict resolution, and refers to appropriate formal and informal University processes and resources.

(616) 331-8009

133 Lake Michigan Hall

University Counseling Center

While the University Counseling Center clinical services are available only for GVSU students, faculty and staff may utilize the extensive collection of online self-help resources.


Disability Support Resources

DSR provides support resources and accommodations to students, faculty, and staff with disabilities and education to the broader GVSU community on disability issues.


(616) 331-2490

215 The Blue Connection

Reporting Options




Campus Climate Incident Report

Students, faculty, and staff may report an observed or experienced Campus Climate incident in which an individual is belittled, disrespected, or isolated based on identity.

Stacy Piasecki, (616) 331-2242

Formal Harassment Complaint

Students, faculty, and staff may report a possible violation of the university's Anti-Harassment Policy via Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity.

(616) 331-3296

Title IX Report

Students, faculty, and staff may report a situation involving sexual misconduct, harassment, or discrimination via Office of Civil Rights and Title IX.

(616) 331-9530
[email protected]

Police Report

Students, faculty, and staff may file a report with the Department of Public Safety related to criminal violations.

Emergencies: 911
Non-emergencies: (616) 331-3255

Anonymous Report

Students, faculty, and staff may report unethical, illegal, or inappropriate behavior directly to University officials via EthicPoint's reporting portal.

(855) 799-8302


Right to Privacy: The university acknowledges and respects the privacy of conflict resolution conversations, and reasonable efforts will be made to maintain confidentiality unless the circumstances warrant a need for the university to take additional action, as in the case of allegations of discrimination or harassment or possible illegal activity. 

Retaliation: The university has adopted the position that no faculty or staff member will be subject to any form of discipline or retaliation for initiating or participating in good faith in any process or proceeding under the Conflict Resolution Process. Any faculty or staff member who retaliates against another faculty or staff member for using the Conflict Resolution Process will be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge. 

Collegiality Policy: "In order to foster a healthy and diverse environment, we will act with integrity, communicate respectfully, and accept responsibility for our words and actions." See the GVSU Collegiality Policy for more details.

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