Leadership IQ

Leadership IQ

On demand e-learning
for dozens of online training courses
available 24/7.

Leadership IQ offers 40 online on-demand e-learning training courses, covering the most critical leadership skills. While some aspects of the courses have a business focus, the leadership concepts discussed easily apply in a higher education environment. Each 60-minute program is engaging, enlightening and gives leaders instant access to answer the most pressing leadership challenges. Watch a leadership seminar right on your computer. You never have to leave your office. They're available 24/7 anywhere with an internet connection.

To be recognized as having completed Leadership IQ programs, the entire video and related quiz must be completed.

  • To Set Up Your Leadership IQ Account:
    1.   Go to: https://gvsu-leadershipiq.talentlms.com
    2.    Select the "Create an Account" option found next to the "Login" button; 
    3.    Fill in the user information fields;
    4.    Bookmark the page for continued training.

***Note: You will automatically be sent enrollment emails for every course upon Leadership IQ account creation.

If you need help logging in, please contact Jill Sutherland, Director of Client Services at 800-814-7859 (toll-free) or [email protected].

For questions about Leadership IQ, related programs and how it can enhance your career, please contact Human Resources at [email protected] or (616) 331-2215.

Page last modified March 28, 2023