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The AP Retreat will be on June 13th in Kirkhof 2270 from 11:30-3:00pm.


Welcome to the newest members of the AP Committee and Subcommittees!

AP Committee

Group 2 – Marla Wick

Group 3 – Karen Matchett

Group 4 – Samantha Minnis

Group 5 – Kelley Monterusso

Group 6 – Clayton Pelon


Awards Subcommittee

Group 2- Jamillya Hardley

Group 3- Kimberly Weiber

Group 4- Kyle Felcher

Group 6- Renica Minott


Professional Development Subcommittee

Group 2- Elizabeth Tomaro


Salary and Benefits Subcommittee

Group 5- Cindy Bartman


AP Membership and Representatives

AP Handbook

Subcommittee minutes and overview

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