Call for Faculty Fellow Proposals

Call for Proposals: Integrating International Students into University Classrooms

The Padnos International Center is seeking proposals from faculty members for innovative approaches to integrating international students into university classrooms. Proposals should focus on strategies that help international students feel more connected to the course content, their classmates, and the university community. Proposals may address topics such as:
● Encouraging and valuing diverse perspectives and experiences in classroom discussions and activities
● Providing clear and concise instructions for assignments and expectations for class participation
● Avoiding idioms, slang, and cultural references that may be unfamiliar to international students.
● Offering additional support or resources for international students, such as tutoring or academic counseling
● Using a variety of teaching methods, such as visual aids, group work, and interactive activities, to engage diverse learning styles and backgrounds.
● Being mindful of cultural differences in communication styles and expectations, and offering guidance or clarification as needed
● Being flexible and open to feedback from international students and adjusting teaching methods or content as necessary to ensure inclusion and engagement.
● Creating opportunities for intercultural exchange and dialogue
● Developing activities that encourage collaboration and teamwork across cultural boundaries.
● Incorporating culturally relevant examples and case studies into course content
● Providing support and resources for language acquisition and academic writing
● Creating mentorship or peer support programs for international students

Proposals should include a detailed plan for implementation, including any necessary resources or support from the Padnos International Center. Confirmation of support from your department chair and dean of your college must also be submitted at the time of application. Proposals should also describe any anticipated outcomes or impact on student learning and engagement.

Funding of a course release is available for selected proposals. Faculty members who are awarded funding will be expected to provide a report on the outcomes of their project and participate in a dissemination event to share their findings with the university community.

Proposals are due by June 1, 2023, and award notifications will be made by June 30, 2023. For more information or to submit a proposal, please contact Kate Stoetzner, [email protected]

Committee Review: A review committee will conduct a review and possibly interviews during the month of June.

Proposal Assessment: The review committee will assess all proposals based on the established criteria and provide feedback to each applicant. Assessment criteria may include the project's alignment with the university's strategic priorities, the feasibility and sustainability of the project, the potential impact of the project, and the overall quality of the proposal. Additional consultation with the Dean of the applicant to ensure the college’s ability to cover courses will also take place.

Grant Award: Based on the assessment criteria, the review committee should recommend grant awards to successful applicants. The final decision on awarding grants should be made by the Vice President for Research Administration.

Reporting and Accountability: A successful faculty fellow shall provide regular progress reports and a final report to ensure accountability and transparency.


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