Talent Acquisition

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent Acquisition is a strategy for attracting and recruiting top talent to the university. Think of Talent Acquisition as the beginning of the employee lifecycle – it begins with sourcing for potential employees and attracting them to Grand Valley, and continues through the recruitment process to identify which candidates align with our values and how their talents would positively contribute to our organization. The Talent Acquisition team is being proactive in creating a talent pipeline for the university with the goal of recruiting, empowering, and retaining diverse faculty and staff.

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The Employee Lifecycle

Talent Acquisition Functions

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The Talent Acquisition team is available to meet and consult with employees about open positions and newly created positions at GVSU. Consulting looks like:

  • Engaging in intake sessions: Talent Acquisition can meet with the hiring manager or supervisor to review the job responsibilities to understand the full scope of the job and identify what qualities to look for in your candidates. 
  • Interviewing: Talent Acquisition has the ability to serve as a resources for interview panels (e.g., to develop and ensure consistency of interview questions).
  • Decision-making process: Talent Acquisition can assist in determining which applicants and/or candidates are best to move forward throughout the recruitment process.
  • Advertising: Talent Acquisition can assist in posting jobs on your behalf on various job boards and channels for advertising.
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Instead of posting a job and hoping for candidates, the Talent Acquisition team is actively searching for top talent at all times. As you are posting your job, please reach out to your HR Business Partner to set up an intake meeting to discuss what your hiring needs look like, or to see if any potential candidates have been identified for the position you're looking to fill.

  • Talent searching: From our LinkedIn Recruiter account, Talent Acquisition has access to and is engaging with a large pool of passive candidates who are open to opportunities.
  • Creating brand awareness: By attending career fairs and other networking events, Talent Acquisition is helping to promote who we are and what we do as an employer, not just as an educational institution. 

Let's Work Together

How We Can Help

Does one or more of the following describe you and/or your team?

  • The recruitment process takes too long and I need help keeping it on track
  • I want a larger and more diverse applicant pool
  • I'm looking for new ways to advertise my jobs
  • I'm not sure what I'm looking for in my next candidate
  • I've had one or more failed searches

If so, we want to partner with you.


Interested in partnering with Talent Acquisition for your next search?

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Talent Acquisition & Reach Higher 2025

Strategic Plan

In alignment with Reach Higher 2025, Talent Acquisition strives to uphold GVSU's three commitments:

  1. An empowered educational experience

  2. A lifetime of learning

  3. A culture of educational equity

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