HR Transformation Timeline

Aerial view through the Transformational Link in the fall

Human Resources Transformation

As GVSU embarks on a new chapter with the Reach Higher 2025 campaign, we intend to reposition Human Resources to improve the quality of our services and better support the needs of GVSU. To this end, are in the process of restructuring our current working areas and roles within the department. We thank you for your patience as we reimagine Human Resources to align with the vision of the university we aspire to become.

Key Points:

  • In June 2021, we began conducting an internal audit, external department reviews, surveys and focus groups to assist in charting our course forward.
  • As we gathered feedback and began developing a plan forward, it was decided that there will be four key areas of support for our GVSU employee community once our construction is complete: Human Resource Business Partners, Total Rewards, Talent Management, and Consulting Services
  • We are currently underway with the reorganization of our staff and services to better meet the changes and challenges the university may face.
  • Our upcoming strategic departmental changes will occur over the next four years until we reach our final intended state.

2022 Year In Review

It's no secret that 2022 was a big year of transformative change and progress for us. Check out our Year In Review for an overview of what we focused on in 2022, as well as a glimpse into 2023 plans.

Complete: July 2022 - December 2022

  • Configure Workday business processes.
  • Finalize “GV DNA” core competencies. Continue to identify Talent Management opportunities and implementation.
  • Continue internal training and development of Lean continuous improvement. 

Complete: February 2022 - June 2022

  • Beginning February 1, 2022, Human Resources will acclimate the university community with the new HR Generalists and Business Partners through personal introductions across campus.
  • Train staff in Talent Management and develop “GV DNA” competencies, as well as Talent Management processes and opportunities.
  • Conduct a LEAN/Kaizen continuous improvement event the last week in February to reassess and transform the recruitment processes and methods for acquiring talent for the university.
  • Restructure Benefits & Wellness into Total Rewards. Total Rewards will encompass Payroll and all of GVSU's employee benefits. Wellness will no longer be an 'area,' but instead an aspect that will be incorporated into all areas of Human Resources.

Complete: September 2021 - January 2022

The HR Business Partner Model means employees will be assigned, based on their department/area, to a specific Human Resources Customer Service Representative (also known as a HR Generalist). For HR needs, from benefits to employment, your specific HR representative will be your contact.

The HR Business Partner model will also encompass Talent Acquisition and HR Compliance and Compensation.

Transformation Progress

New Total Rewards Operations Center

Human Resources recently created the Total Rewards Operations Center (TROC), which is evolving from a merger between Payroll, Benefits and Wellness, and HR Administration and Technology. We believe this merger will drive much-needed synergies and efficiencies, and will help eliminate gaps between our shared operations.

Total Rewards will drive much of the Human Resources operations. By integrating Payroll into the Human Resources business model, we are improving communications between these closely related functions and exploring areas to streamline and improve our current processes and services. All Human Resources functions and team members will continue to work together to create a cohesive unit and provide all GVSU employees with a world-class experience.

May 4, 2022

New Recruitment Process Update

Since the "Transforming the Employee Recruitment Process" event in late February, Human Resources has been working diligently with campus partners to develop a new hiring process that will decrease the amount of time from application to hire by 50%. The new process is structured into three stages and consists of specific steps in each stage. We are excited to announce the anticipated launch date for the new hiring process is late May.

Before the official launch, we invite you to review the new process via the Recruitment Process webpage. Additional standardized operating procedures and tools will be added to the webpage over time.

May 4, 2022

Transforming the Employee Recruitment Process at GVSU

During the last week in February 2022, the Human Resources team and colleagues from across campus evaluated the GVSU recruitment process utilizing Lean improvement methodologies. During this deeply engaging process, they dug in to explore and evaluate the hiring processes for faculty, administrative professional staff and hourly employees. Every step from the Hiring Approval Form to an acceptance offer was reimagined to ensure consistency and efficiency across the university. On the final day of the event, there was a reveal of what they came up with and how GVSU will move forward.

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March 7, 2022

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