Talent Management

What is Talent Management?


Talent management is about taking a strategic approach to attracting, retaining, and developing a workforce in pursuit of transforming the culture. It is the care for the employee lifecycle – from attraction to separation – and the overall employee experience. The Talent Management team is working closely with collaborators around the university to actively build a competitive workforce through sourcing in-demand skills, investing in continuous learning and skills development, and managing and optimizing performance.

Reference: Workday, Rethinking Talent Management ebook, 2022

Why Talent Management?

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Strategic Plan

In alignment with Reach Higher 2025, Talent Management strives to uphold GVSU's three commitments:

  1. An empowered educational experience

  2. A lifetime of learning

  3. A culture of educational equity

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Employee lifecycle visually represented with arrows forming a circle. The employee lifecycle is attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and separation.

Employee Lifecycle

We strive to do more than hire people who can perform specific tasks. Talent Management starts with attracting and recruiting prospective employees and continues through the employee lifecycle until separation. One of our goals is to increase opportunities for growth and learning, which will enhance recruitment and retention at the university.

Employee Core Competencies

Guide the culture of the organization and socialize employees to that culture. They set the standard of expectations for all employees.

Set the foundation for performance management, employee development, leadership development, compensation, team building, talent acquisition, engagement, etc.

Are aspirational.

Competencies are the combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal attributes that contribute to enhanced employee performance and ultimately result in organizational success.

Reference: Salary.com, Transform Your Talent Management with Skills & Competency Alignment, The Salary.com Skills & Competency Model Approach, 2023

Competencies Do:

  • Reflect the organizations strategy; they are aligned to short and long-term missions and goals.
  • Focus on the organization’s culture and values. GVSU's core competencies have been selected to support and facilitate the university's mission and values.
  • Focus on how results are achieved rather than merely the result. They bridge the gap between performance management and employee development, and are an integral component of personal development plans.
  • Close skill gaps within the organization.
  • Collect data that can be used for employee development, compensation, promotion, training and new hire selection decisions.

Competencies Do Not:

  • Establish baseline performance levels; rather, they are used to raise the bar on employee performance. They provide employees with road maps to increase capabilities incrementally.

Reference: Core Competencies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Creates a north star and unifying language for alignment.
  • Develops an awareness of employee competencies, empowering HR to see where opportunities lie.
  • Employees and management can then build a career development plan to help employees get to the next level.
  • Maximizes employee knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve job performance and career advancement, keeping us engaged, motivated and in turn, increases organizational productivity and employee retention.

Reference: Salary.com, Transform Your Talent Management with Skills & Competency Alignment, The Salary.com Skills & Competency Model Approach, 2023

The 8 GVSU employee Core Competencies

Click the image to read about what each core competency means for you as an employee.


Addressed along three dimensions: self-empowerment through individual action, mutual empowerment that is interpersonal, and social empowerment in the outcomes of our actions.

Fosters Inclusive & Equitable Community

Fosters a work environment that affirms and advances diversity, promotes inclusion, and is committed to equity. Individuals intentionally and actively work to identify and remove barriers for the full participation of historically underrepresented and minoritized individuals and communities.

Acts with Integrity

Drives us to be accountable to ourselves and others and following through on words with actions.

Emotionally Intelligent

Ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions of oneself and others.

Well-being Oriented

Demonstrates a commitment to maintaining sound health.

Asset Mindset

An asset-based approach focuses on strengths. It views diversity in thought, culture, and traits as positive assets. Faculty, staff, and students alike are valued for what they bring to GVSU.

Collaborative Teamwork

Promotes cooperation and commitment to achieve goals and deliverables.

Innovator Mentality

Forward-thinking approach, going beyond the obvious and seeking new solutions and ideas, while positively embracing change to accomplish goals.

Projects & Timeline


  • Establish Talent Development

    • Leadership development Pilot

    • Workday Learning LMS conversation early stages and identification of collaborators

  • Include employee core competencies in 2023 performance cycle for all staff employee groups
  • Begin discussions with Academic Affairs and implications of core competencies within current systems/opportunities
  • Configuration of new performance management system in Workday to include core competencies
  • Develop New Hire Orientation and Onboarding process around core competencies
  • Re-introduce in-person new hire orientation
  • Explore the use of CliftonStrengths® at GVSU 


  • Grow leadership development program pilot
  • Launch Talent Management components in WD

    • Performance review for staff

    • Onboarding and new-hire orientation

    • Internal promotions criteria

2025 & Beyond

Continue working through current initiatives and the following talent management components:

  • Compensation performance initiatives
  • Promotions/internal selection process
  • Annual report and supervisor self-evaluation
  • Succession planning
  • Off-boarding

Current Opportunities

Meet Our Team

Lindsey DesArmo smiling for a headshot

Lindsey DesArmo
Director of Talent Management

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Megan Bravo
Manager of Talent Acquisition

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Natalie Trent
Talent Management Manager

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Kaitlyn Boyko
Talent Management Analyst

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Dan Banks
Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Chelsea Best
Communications Specialist

Collaborators & Co-Creators

All employees are encouraged to engage and assist in the development of the Talent Management journey for GVSU. The following areas are integral to the development and implementation of Talent Management components:

Academic Affairs, AP Committee, Faculty Teaching & Learning Center, Inclusion & Equity, PSS Development Committee

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