Researchers study if bats could lead to less spraying at apple orchards

Researchers are studying the extent bats consume insects that are problematic for apple orchards. Part of the work also involves finding ways to attract more bats to the properties.

Winter 2020|Research

Read article Want to run faster?

Want to run faster?

Kyle Barnes, a former collegiate runner and avid marathoner, is studying running economy in a multi-part study that includes testing the Nike Vapor Fly.

Spring 2019|Research

Read article Cooling the brain's blood flow

Cooling the brain's blood flow

An interdisciplinary team of faculty researchers are testing the effects of neck cooling devices on MS patients.

Winter 2019|Research

Read article Ring, beep, chirp

Ring, beep, chirp

Step into any hospital unit and you'll likely hear a symphony of alarms that are coming from loud speakers, patient bedsides and from devices around the necks of nurses.

Fall 2018|Research

Read article Move over, Mario

Move over, Mario

Each semester in Szymon Machajewski's computing course, students set out on a journey to complete missions and fight enemies, such as procrastination and trolls living under the Little Mac Bridge.

Summer 2018|Research

Read article Do you remember changing your mind?

Do you remember changing your mind?

GVSU research shows probably not

Spring 2018|Research