Additional Needs

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Additional Needs are programs that directly benefit students and our community and address specific ongoing needs. View our Major Priorities for the most critical strategic needs in the broad goal areas of opportunity, achievement, and relevance.


Students at graduation.
Grand Finish Grant

Support and encourage the Grand Finish, an incentive program for students to graduate in four years. Learn more about the Grand Finish Grant.

$50 Suggested gift

Students at graduation.
Momentum Fund

Help students who are experiencing financial hardships and are not able to pay the final dollars on a tuition balance by giving to the Momentum Fund, which enables students to continue their studies and graduate from Grand Valley with their degrees.

$50 Suggested gift

Students in a classroom.
One Undergraduate Class

Provide an undergraduate student with tuition support for one course. Learn more about One Undergraduate Class.

$50 Suggested gift

Little Mac Bridge on GVSU Allendale's campus.
Student Support Fund

Help a student in a time of unexpected economic or personal hardship through the Student Support Fund. Learn more about Student Support Fund.

$100 Suggested gift

A student reading a textbook.

Directly support students in the classroom by helping with the expense of textbooks. Learn more about Textbooks.

$70 Suggested gift


Student at career fair taking notes while speaking with an employee recruiter.
Career Development

Provide students the chance to establish their career goals with testing, simulated interviews, and professional development through the GVSU Career Center. Learn more about Career Development.

$50 Suggested gift

A faculty member with a student.

Provide counseling for one student in need of psychological services to keep them on track for graduation. Learn more about Counseling.

$50 Suggested gift 

A faculty member with a student.
First Year Student Support

Support first year students through the Student Success Network, where faculty members will serve as mentors to first year students with the assistance of student advocates. Funds will support training of faculty and student advocates along with social and support events for first year students. Learn more about First Year Student Support.

$25 Suggested gift

Group of students sitting on the grass outside on Allendale's campus.
Fostering Laker Success

Support students who have experienced foster care through the Fostering Laker Success program. These holistic support services include peer mentoring and coaching to help with all aspects of college life and academic success. Learn more about Fostering Laker Success. 

$25 Suggested gift

The Laker Marching Band. The main focus is on a male student playing the trumpet.
Grand Valley Bands

Support students in the Laker Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, University Band, and Basketball Pep Band, with expenses such as performance invitations and opportunities. Learn more about Grand Valley Bands.

$100 Suggested gift

Female students playing lacrosse.
GVSU Club Sports

Support Grand Valley’s Club Sports such as ice hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, and more with their travel expenses. Our athletes compete regionally and nationally on 50+ club sports teams. Learn more about GVSU Club Sports.

$25 suggested gift

Students on a study abroad trip riding on camels.
Passport Fund

Remove barriers for students who want to study abroad by helping to cover the extra, and often unexpected expense of passport fees.

$25 Suggested gift

Two students outside on the grass looking over a specimen with a faculty member.
STEM Student Mentoring

Support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) students with scholarships and mentors through the RISE program to help ensure their success as they work towards their degree.  Learn more about STEM Student Mentoring.

$50 Suggested gift

A female student getting paperwork from another female.
Stipend for Unpaid Internships/Clinicals

Help fund stipends for students to cover the extra living and transportation expenses associated with unpaid internships, co-ops, and clinicals. Learn more about Stipend for Unpaid Internships/Clinicals.

$50 Suggested gift

Cans of food in the Replenish Food Pantry.
Supplies for the Replenish Food Resource

Support the student food pantry to provide students with food and personal care items to meet short-term challenges. Learn more about Supplies for the Replenish Food Resource.

$50 Suggested gift

Student being tutored by a faculty member.

Provide academic tutoring for students in any subject to assist in achieving academic and personal goals. Learn more about Tutoring.

$50 Suggested gift


Professor with students outside on the grass.
Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Support Brooks College students as they deepen their understanding of the world through innovative curriculum and high-impact learning experiences.  Learn more about Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies.

$50 Suggested gift

Students outside Allendale's campus talking on the grass.
College of Community and Public Service

Support students in the College of Community and Public Service, where they learn how to engage, enrich, and enhance their communities through dynamic learning environments while serving and empowering community partners. Learn more about the College of Community and Public Service.

$50 Suggested gift

Students sitting at a desk in a classroom.
College of Education

Support students in the College of Education, where they learn to become leaders in their fields through active learning experiences and personalized attention. Learn more about College of Education.

$50 Suggested gift

Student working with medical machinery.
College of Health Professions

Support students in the College of Health Professions, where they prepare to become exceptional professionals who will impact the health and well-being of the larger community. Learn more about College of Health Professions.

$50 Suggested gift

Molecular model on table.
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Support students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which drives a student-centered and diverse learning community that covers 50 bachelor’s degrees and a growing number of advanced learning degrees. Learn more about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

$50 Suggested gift

Students with Formula SAE Car.
Formula SAE Car

Support the GVSU Formula SAE Race Team by supporting students and enabling them to apply classroom theories, engineering design, and project management skills in a challenging competition. Learn more about Formula SAE Car. 

$100 Suggested gift

Two students practicing on a simulation infant mannequin.
Health Simulation Center

Help health professions and nursing students receive hands-on learning about the health needs of patients, by supporting simulators where students can practice clinical skills in a safe and realistic learning environment before beginning their careers as health care professionals. Learn more about Health Simulation Center. 

$50 Suggested gift  

Nursing student helping patient.
Help a Nursing Student Succeed

Assist nursing students with non-tuition related expenses that can become barriers to progress such as stethoscopes, uniforms, and clinical placement travel and lodging. Learn more about Help a Nursing Student Succeed. 

$100 Suggested gift

Two students practicing on a simulation mannequin.
Kirkhof College of Nursing

Support rigorous, patient-centered programs and experiences for nursing students. Learn more about the Kirkhof College of Nursing.

$50 Suggested gift    

Physical therapy student with professor helping a patient.
Physical Therapy Pro-Bono Clinic

Support pro-bono physical therapy services in our community by providing funds for interpreter aid to the many non-English speaking patients served each week. Learn more about Physical Therapy Pro-Bono Clinic.

$45 Suggested gift

Seidman College of Business building.
Seidman College of Business

Support the highest academic and experiential priorities of Seidman business students. Learn more about the Seidman College of Business.

$50 Suggested gift

Engineering students in a lab.
Seymour & Esther Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

Support the greatest needs for student experiences and academic programs in the college. Learn more about the Seymour & Esther Padnos College of Engineering and Computing.

$50 Suggested gift

Students on stage during a Shakespeare play.
Shakespeare Festival

Support Grand Valley’s Shakespeare Festival, now celebrating its 25th anniversary. Your gift will also support Bard to Go, where students get the opportunity to travel and perform on the road. Learn more about the Shakespeare Festival.

$25 Suggested gift

A professor working with a student.
Student Summer Scholars Program

Support the Student Summer Scholars Program, which provides funds for a student and faculty mentor to devote time to a research and/or creative project during the spring/summer semester. Learn more about Student Summer Scholars Program.

$50 Suggested gift

Professor helping two students in library.
Teaching Innovation

Support programs in the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center that reward innovation in teaching and provide faculty with professional development opportunities around creating inclusive learning environments, curricula, and student engagement practices. Learn more about Teaching Innovation.

$50 Suggested gift    

Students observing a fish standing in front of a lake.
Water Resources Summer Intern

Support an undergraduate summer intern for the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute to help enhance and preserve our freshwater resources. Learn more about Water Resources Summer Intern.

$50 Suggested gift


Rendering of the Jamie Hosford Football Center
Jamie Hosford Football Center

Support is needed for the Jamie Hosford Football Center, as our current facilities do not adequately support recruitment. The current football center was built in 1979 and has not kept pace with our competitors. More space means enhancements across the board, and all student athletes will benefit. Learn more about the Jamie Hosford Football Center.

$100 Suggested gift

Lubbers Stadium on game day
Greatest Needs for Athletic Facilities

Provide immediate and available resources for upgrades to athletic facilities. Learn more about Greatest Needs for Athletic Facilities.

$50 Suggested gift


Women playing soccer
Laker Refueling Station

Help Grand Valley's athletes reach peak performance with nutritional support to aid in recovery and replenishment during and after workouts, practices, and competitions. Learn more about Laker Refueling Station.

$50 Suggested gift