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Located in the heart of Grand Valley State University's growing health campus in downtown Grand Rapids, the GVSU Simulation Center is a state-of-the-art facility for students, faculty, health professionals and researchers dedicated to skill acquisition, patient safety, and interprofessional collaboration.

GVSU Simulation Center COVID 19 Cleaning and Sanitation Training

GVSU Simulation Center COVID 19 Cleaning and Sanitation Training


GVSU Simulation Center Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan to Protect against COVID-19

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The mission of the Grand Valley State University Simulation Center is to promote interprofessional healthcare delivery by teaching professional competencies in a safe and interactive learning environment. This is accomplished by the application of existing and evolving best practices, pedagogies, and technologies.


The Grand Valley State University Simulation Center will be recognized as an innovator in interprofessional healthcare education. Learners’ experiences and interactions, grounded in best practices, will result in the development of collaborative healthcare professionals and improved patient safety. Realizing this vision will strengthen the life-long connections between Grand Valley State University, its alumni and the greater community.

We Value:

Education: Excellence in teaching, enhancing curriculum goals and objectives, experiential learning, innovative simulation events and programming

Quality: Outcome measures, continuous quality improvement, benchmarking, evidence based best practices

Teamwork: Working together to achieve common goals using open communication, integrity, problem solving, critical thinking and respect

Scholarship: Sharing knowledge through research, publication, presentation, and professional development

Community: Strategic partnerships through collaboration, service learning, and healthcare education

Inclusion and Equity: Advocacy, diversity, social justice

A Division of the Office of the Vice Provost for Health

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