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Why Study Education at GVSU?

Grand Valley State University's College of Education is an ideal choice for undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of education, teaching, and counseling. Offering courses since 1964, the college provides high quality programs with small class sizes. With a commitment to educational principles such as active learning, interaction of theory and practice, and learning relevancy, the College of Education offers students the type of personalized attention needed to become leaders in their fields.


GVSU Partners with Battle Creek Public Schools

May 13, 2019

A partnership among Grand Valley, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) and Battle Creek Public Schools (BCPS) will increase regional access to higher education programming, expanding the path to higher education options in Battle Creek.

Celebrating Women Awards recognizes two COE staff

March 29, 2019

GVSU Women's Commission presented awards to COE Staff members Amanda Syers and Bonnie Peterson for their work and positive impact on the lives of women and families at GVSU.

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GVSU Closed

July 4, 2019 All Day

GVSU and the College of Education are closed for the holiday.

Fall 2019 Semester Begins

August 26, 2019 All Day

GVSU Closed

September 2, 2019 All Day

GVSU and the College of Education are closed for the holiday.

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Student Information and Services Center

The College of Education Student Information and Services Center (SISC) will assist with:

Student Scholarships

Each semester, faculty from Grand Valley State University's College of Education considers scholarship opportunities for candidates in both initial certification and graduate programs. These scholarship opportunities have been made possible by the generosity of individuals and organizations dedicated to the preparation of teachers and other educators.

GVSU Scholarships

Preparing Exceptional Teachers

"As a teacher recruiter, I have actively recruited teacher candidates from Grand Valley State University for the past 15 years because their students understand educational pedagogy, the learning process, and instructional skills necessary to help students learn. Woven into students' classroom and field experiences is an understanding of the special needs of English Language Learners and students with disabilities. Teaching in a culturally-diverse classroom is also emphasized as a result of our changing world.

I have not just recruited teacher candidates at GVSU, but I have also lectured in education classes and discussed educational issues with faculty members. As a former Associate Professor of Education at the University of Oregon for 11 years, I am aware of what constitutes a quality teacher preparation program. Grand Valley has all the ingredients necessary for a quality teacher preparation program: a qualified and supportive faculty; contemporary curricula; relevant classroom and field experiences; and a learning environment conducive to dialogue and inquiry.

I must also commend this university's career services center. Center personnel... have always assisted me in the recruitment process and arranged opportunities for me to speak to education classes and meet with College of Education faculty. It has always been apparent to me that the career services center personnel strongly support students seeking employment opportunities. They are accessible, knowledgeable, and student-focused.

In summary, I value and respect my symbiotic relationship with Grand Valley State University because it provides a quality education to its students and the support necessary to be successful during and after their tenure on campus."

Dr. David Santellanes

Teacher Recruiter, Cartwright School District

Phoenix, Arizona

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