GVSU Hall of Fame

Photos on GVSU Hall of Fame wall.

Grand Valley’s Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have contributed to Grand Valley’s growth and development through their leadership, vision, and generosity. Since 1976, Grand Valley has been proud to acknowledge these outstanding individuals with the Enrichment, Leadership, and Arend D. Lubbers awards. Additional awards like the Founder's Award and the Grand Stewards Award are also a part of the Hall of Fame and recognize special support for the university.

Honorees of each award are listed below with the year they received the honor.


L. William Seidman


Peter⟡ and Pat⟡ Cook
Rich and Helen DeVos
Fred and Lena Meijer
Seymour and Esther Padnos
Stuart and Barbara⟡ Padnos
Bob Pew II and Mary⟡ Idema Pew
Bill⟡ and Sally⟡ Seidman


Philip W. Buchen 1976
L. William Seidman 1976
James H. Zumberge 1976
Richard M. Gillett 1978 
Paul A. Johnson 1980
Robert C. Pew 1980
Richard M. DeVos 1982
Edward I. Schalon 1984
James R. Sebastian 1984
William F. Beebe 1986
Frederik G.H. Meijer 1986 
Peter C. Cook 1988
L.V. Eberhard 1988
Seymour K. Padnos 1988
Dorothy A. Johnson 1990
Glenn M. Walters 1990
Judith S. Hooker 1992
Robert L. Hooker 1992
Hy Berkowitz 1994
Jay Van Andel 1994
David G. Frey 1996
Audrey M. Sebastian 1996
Roger A. Andersen 1998
Patricia B. Johnson 1998
Richard J. Lacks, Sr. 1998
Charles E. Johnson II 2000
Fred M. Keller 2000
Stuart B. Padnos 2000
John H. Batts 2002
Ralph W. Hauenstein 2002
Clare F. Jarecki 2002 
Leslie E. Tassell 2002

Donna K. Brooks 2003 
James W.F. Brooks 2003
Mary Ann Keeler 2003 
Miner S. Keeler II 2003
Arnold C. Ott 2004
Barbara Gordon 2005
George H. Gordon 2005
John C. Kennedy 2006
John C. Canepa 2007
Marie O. Canepa 2007
Jack H. Miller 2007
Joan P. Secchia 2008
Peter F. Secchia 2008
Kate Pew Wolters 2009
Joyce S. Wisner 2009
Thomas A. Wisner 2009
Pamella G. DeVos 2010
Daniel G. DeVos 2010
Edward J. Frey⟡ 2010
Frances T. Frey⟡ 2010
John C. Huizenga 2012
Michael J. Jandernoa 2012
Susan Jandernoa 2012
Bea Idema 2013
Helen DeVos 2014
Edward J. Hanenburg 2015
Nancy D. Hanenburg 2015
Ellen Thompson 2015
Robert M. Thompson 2015
Robert B. Annis⟡ 2016
Raleigh J. Finkelstein 2017
Allen I. Hunting 2017
Helen J. Hunting 2017

Don Lubbers 2018
Nancy Lubbers 2018
Sylvia Kaufman, MBA '83, 2019
Richard Kaufman⟡ 2019


Kate Pew Wolters 1989
Fred P. Keller 1989 
Donna K. Brooks 1991
John C. Kennedy 1991
Kyle Smith Irwin 1993
Hank Meijer 1993
Doyle A. Hayes '75 1995
Mary Lee Scanlon 1995 
Cathy Bissell 1997
Dan DeVos 1997
Pamella G. DeVos 1999
James P. Hackett 1999

Meg Miller Willit 2003
Mitchell G. Watt 2004
Daniel J. Hurwitz 2005
Randall S. Damstra '82 2006
Starr S. Meijer 2007
Carol Van Andel 2008
Timothy Schowolter 2010
Barbara Schowolter 2010
Brian Kelly 2013
Paqui Kelly 2013
Deanna Green 2016
John Green 2016


Jean W. Enright 2004
Margaret Sellers Walker 2005
Joyce F. Hecht 2006
Glenn A. Niemeyer 2007
Ronald F. VanSteeland 2009
Mary Seeger 2010
Johnine Callahan 2012
Joan Boand 2013
Lynn M. Blue, MPA '86, 2019

⟡Awarded posthumously