Student Success Projects

Interest groups formed at Dr. Tinto’s workshop on February 20, 2009. The Pew FTLC will fund 8 groups for up to $3,000 per group. Interim work on the projects was completed by August 1, 2009, and was reported at the 2009 Fall Teaching Conference.

Criteria and Organization

Project Guidelines: These are the guidelines groups will consider when planning their projects and writing their proposals:

  1. Objectives: The overall goal of this initiative is improved retention of our students and, ultimately, better graduation rates. What are the objectives of your plan, stated within one or more of the relevant factors in Tinto’s framework for student success?
  2. Plan:
    1.  What will you do to achieve these objectives? Will working with other areas of the university assist you in achieving your objectives (e.g., Academic Resource Center, other academic units, Residential Life)? In particular, what will you do by August 1, 2009, to move ahead in a timely way?
    2.    What facilities and equipment will you need to carry out your objectives?
    3.    What funds will aid you in achieving your objectives? For funding guidelines, see those provided for competitive grants in the Pew FTLC section of the Faculty Handbook. How will you evaluate your plan?

Other requirements:
1.    Letter of support from unit head and any other university units involved.
2.    Signed cover sheet, available in “Student Success” section of Pew FTLC homepage.


Groups of faculty formed on the following topics during the February 20, 2009, Tinto workshop on Student Success Groups can sill form. 


Topic: Problem Based Learning
Lead Person: Marty Litherland, Continuing Education
Other Members:
Sigrid Danielson, Art
Hsiao-Ping Chen, Art
Mark Williams, Music
Jay Cooper, Education
Lorraine Alston, Education
Jeffrey Chamberlain, Honors College

Topic: Writing SLA’s in SWS Course
Lead Person:
 Roger Gilles, Writing
Other Members:
Yatin Bhagwat, Finance
Susan Edwards, Finance
Tom Willey, Finance

Topic: Problem Based Learning: Interdisciplinary and in Themes
Lead Person:
Other Members:
Carol Griffin, General Education
Judy Whipps, Liberal Studies
Julia Mason, Women and Gender Studies
Larry Burns, Liberal Studies
Gilda Povolo, Liberal Studies
Jack Mangala, African/African American Studies
Wendy Wenner, College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Craig Benjamin, History
Neal Rogness, Statistics

Topic: SLA in Professional Education
Lead Person: 
Deborah Bambini, Nursing
Claudia Leiras-Laubach, Nursing
Other Members:
Jeanine Biese, Occupational Therapy
Jeanne Stoddard, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Osman Patel, Biology
Sue Edwards, Finance
Marinus DeBruine, Accounting
Yatin Bhagwat, Finance
Roger Gilles, Writing

Topic: Pedagogy Using “Pronto” Technology to Create More Access for Communication Outside of Class
Lead Person:
 Gwyn Madden, Anthropology
Other Members:
Maria Villalobos-Buehner, Modern Languages
Fabio Espitia, Modern Languages

Topic: In-Class Assessment
Lead Person: 
Karen Gipson, Physics
Other Members:
Natalie Armstrong, Physics
Steve Hecht, Biomedical Sciences
Randy Wyble, Therapeutic Rec.
Shaily Menon, Biology

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