Shots Fired Video

"Shots Fired!"

...the last thing you'd expect to hear at your college or university. The bottom line is that you need to take direct responsibility for your personal safety and security. The first step towards this goal is to develop a survival mindset. A survival mindset enables you to act quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, this contemporary, violent event is occurring in our schools with catastrophic results. This instructional video will enable participants to recognize warning signs and learn how to respond to them. While campus shootings are rare, violence is almost always evolutionary with warning signs along the way. Learn what is meant by campus violence, recognize common myths about campus violence, and learn to recognize behaviors of concern before violence occurs.

Watch "Shots Fired"

The video is approximately 20 minutes long. If you are off campus, you will be required to log-in using your GVSU ID

Page last modified August 28, 2019