In case of emergency, dial 911!

An emergency is a crime in progress and/or a life threatening situation requiring the police, fire department or ambulance. If your situation does not require 911, please call a non-emergency number. 

Phone dialed to 911

How to Dial 911: 

  • Remain calm. Speak clearly, slowly and listen and answer all questions. 
  • Be prepared to provide the dispatcher with the following information: 
    • Your name, address and phone number. 
    • What is happening? 
    • Location where incident is happening. 
  • Stay on the phone with the dispatcher to give all required information. 

Create a Smart911 profile to help dispatchers obtain the information they need to help you quickly in an emergency. 

What if I call 911 accidentally?

If you accidentally dial 911, do not hang up. Stay on the line and tell the dispatcher that everything is alright. If you don't, the dispatcher will think that something is wrong and send a police officer to check.

Page last modified December 8, 2021