GVPD offers Fingerprinting Services at our Pew Campus location

Before you schedule an appointment...

  • Fingerprinting is offered by GVPD to current GVSU students, faculty and staff for the purposes of a state or federal background check (GVPD does not currently offer court-ordered criminal fingerprints).
  • GVPD only offers fingerprints via Livescan. 
  • GVPD is unable to fingerprint for applicants requiring IdentoGO services. Please make sure this is not required prior to scheduling an appointment as we cannot refund the fee after fingerprints are taken. 
  • Fingerprinting is offered by appointment only (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.). Appointments must be made at least 1 day in advance. Please click on the link below to view availability and to schedule an appointment. You will be redirected to Calendly to schedule an appointment. 
  • The fee for fingerprinting services is $55. You may pre-pay via credit card using the Request for Fingerprinting form below. GVSU students may choose to have the fee charged to their student account. 
  • If the agency requesting fingerprints is located outside of Michigan, you will need to visit a IdentoGO approved center. 
  • If you are a Faculty/Staff member requiring fingerprints as part of your employment:
    • KCON and Health Professions faculty/adjunct faculty, GVPD will bill Health Compliance for those required to be fingerprinted for Health Compliance. Please contact Health Compliance at [email protected] if you have not received instructions.
    • All other faculty/staff, please contact your requesting department for assistance with payment. 

GVPD is able to fingerprint for the following reasons. If you need to be fingerprinted for a reason not listed below, please contact us at (616)331-6192 or [email protected].

  • AR - Dept of State, Bureau of Auto Reg - Salvage Dealer License
  • CC - Federal Childcare Act
  • CCI - Child Care Institution
  • CPE - NCPA - Child Protection Employment
  • CPV - NCPA/VCA - Child Protection Volunteer
  • CS - Consumer & Industry Services, Securities Bureau
  • DM - Consumer & Industry Services, Debt Management
  • FCL - Adult Foster Care Licensing
  • HAL - Home for the Aged Licensing
  • HAS - Home Health Agency & Suppliers
  • IB - Consumer & Industry Services, Insurance Bureau
  • ICP - Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act
  • LDE - Dept of State, Driver Education Certification
  • LEA - Law Enforcement Academy (Must have academy code)
  • LHP - Licensed Health Care Professional
  • LL - Consumer & Industry Services, Liquor License
  • MML - Medical Marijuana Licensing
  • MP - Medicaid Providers
  • PO - Polygraph License
  • PSD - Private Detective
  • PSG - Private Security Guard
  • PSI - Private Security & Investigator License
  • PSP - Private Security Police
  • RC - Dept of Agriculture, Racing Commission - Horse Racing License
  • RLE - Retired Law Enforcement
  • SAA - Serve America Act
  • SE - Michigan School Employment
  • SV - Michigan School Volunteer
  • VIP - Vulnerable and Impaired Person

GVPD is unable to fingerprint for applicants requiring IdentoGO services. Please make sure this is not required prior to scheduling an appointment as we cannot refund the fee after fingerprints are taken.

What to Bring

Items you must bring with you for a fingerprinting appointment: 

  • A government issued photo identification showing your date of birth (driver's license or state ID)
  • A Michigan State Police RI-030 form, with sections I and II completed. The department or agency requesting the fingerprints must provide you with the Fingerprint Reason Code and Requestor/Agency ID. We cannot fingerprint you if these fields are incorrect. If we fingerprint you, and the fields in section I. are incorrect, you will need to be re-fingerprinted and will be charged the $55 fee again. 
  • A receipt showing proof of pre-payment for fingerprint services (unless you are requesting your student account to be charged).


To schedule an appointment: 

  1. Click on the "Schedule a Fingerprinting Appointment" link below. This will bring you to an external scheduling site called Calendly. Please choose a date and time that works for you. Same-day appointments are not available. 
  2. Return to this page and fill out the "Fingerprinting Payment" form below. This form will allow you to pre-pay for services or authorize GVPD to charge your student account. 

***Please Note: Our office is closed from 12 to 1 PM for the lunch hour. No fingerprints will be done during this time.***


  • Please call (616) 331-6192 or email [email protected] with any questions. 
  • If you have pre-paid for fingerprinting services, and no longer require fingerprinting, please call or email to request a refund. 

Page last modified May 31, 2023