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Transitioning to College

Few transitions in life are totally seamless. Shifting from high school or community college to a four-year comprehensive university like GVSU can bring about some difficult adjustments, including academic ones. But there are plenty of things you can discuss as a family in advance of your student's arrival to GVSU that will significantly ease her/his academic transition.

How family members can help:

•Encourage your student to establish strong relationships with advisors and faculty.

•Maintain open communication about grades and academic progress. GVSU provides mid-term grade reports to all entering GVSU students in mid-October and early-March.

•Celebrate your student's victories, and encourage him or her to seek out help when difficulties arise.

•Encourage your student to get involved in student organizations. This provides another connection to the University and career-related skills.

•Although it may seem helpful, please refrain from doing any of these things for your student. Instead, help your student focus on his or her own abilities and direct them to seek the assistance they need.

Page last modified June 23, 2021