Registration is how students sign up for courses. At Grand Valley, students can register for the full academic year. Current students are assigned an advanced registration date in the spring. Our new students register for courses when they join us on campus for their orientation.

Course Registration - Learn how to add or drop a course, request an override, or resolve a hold on your account.

NEW myBanner Registration - This guide will help students navigate the new Banner Registration system. 

Course Drop/Add and Refund Schedule - This information will help students understand how they can complete a late add or drop a course from their schedule and any corresponding refunds.

Acronyms and Abbreviations - Contains information on buildings, courses, majors, and degrees.

Prerequisite and Registration Override - This information may help you understand why you are unable to register for a course, what the prerequisite is, and how to request an override.

Registration Errors and Holds - This will help students understand what their registration error or registration hold means, and what actions to take to resolve them. Also includes information on assigned registration dates.

Registration Status - Students can locate information on the advanced registration calendar, when they can register, how to find their registration status.

Withdrawal from a Course - Students wishing to withdraw after the deadline will need to request a late or complete withdrawal.

How to Use myPath - Use myPath to plan and track your progress towards graduation.

Finish Faster with 15 Credits - Find information on the block rate, the advantages of taking 15 credits, and the Grand Finish.

Search for Classes - Use our search tool to find which courses are being offered in which semesters.

Course Catalog -  A link to the GVSU Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog.

Course Equivalency Guide - If you are transferring to GVSU this tool will help you identify what credits you may receive.

Guest Students and Transferring Credit - Information on attending GVSU as a guest student and transferring credit from other institutions to GVSU.

Tuition Deadlines - Upcoming tuition deadlines.