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parent and student in dorm room

Welcome Parents & Supporters

We understand what an important part you play in your student's life and we are excited to partner with you. During your student’s orientation, you have a role to play too!

You will spend the first half of the day alongside your student engaging with GVSU faculty and staff to learn what it’s like to be a Laker.

After lunch, you will have sessions devoted just for you to receive important information to best prepare you and your student for their journey at GVSU.

After orientation you’ll also gain access to a parent and supporter online module that you can explore throughout the summer and while your student is at GVSU to remind you of valuable information and resources.

Feel free to explore this website and other orientation components on your own time, at your own pace.

parents, supporters and student during move in

Parent & Supporters Orientation Checklist

See below for your orientation experience checklist. 

1. In-Person Orientation

Prepare for you and your student’s in-person orientation program. Browse the New Student Orientation website and remember to wear clothes appropriate for walking reasonable distances and possible inclement weather.

Not attending an in-person orientation date? Be sure to explore the online module for information about important campus resources and services.

GVSU Orientation

2. Online Module

Complete the Parent & Supporter online module on your own time, at your own pace and continue to use it as a resource throughout the summer and fall. The module covers many of the same topics as the in-person orientation and can be used as a refresher or to learn about any topics you missed.

Parent & Supporter Orientation 

3. Connect

Please email [email protected] with any questions and keep an eye out for the Laker Family Network monthly newsletter, which will provide timely information on campus events, important resources for your student, and ways for you to best support your student’s educational journey.

Page last modified August 25, 2023