Criminal Justice

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The School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies offers undergraduate degree programs in criminology, criminal justice and legal studies; graduate degree in criminal justice; special certification program in our police academy and military basic training academy; paralegal studies certificate. 

Majoring in Criminal Justice

The School of Criminal Justice offers students the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of research and service-learning opportunities, including internships, gathering and analyzing data, and evaluating community programs. The Criminal Justice (CJ) major offers students the chance to complete an internship in the agency or organization of their choosing. The School of Criminal Justice also offers minors in Criminal Justice, Information Security Systems, and Juvenile Justice.

This page will provide information about the Criminal Justice Major, Various Minors and Career Exploration & Opportunities

For additional information about the program, check out the The School of Criminal Justice's website

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Advising Guidance and Support

The advising guides explain which courses are required for the Criminal Justice major. Be sure to follow-up with your assigned academic advisor to create an academic plan to fit your specific needs.

The First Year Guides are meant to help direct students who have not been in college before. Each of the guides provide class suggestions based on a student's math and/or writing placement. Not all scenarios are represented here so you should follow up with an academic advisor to personalize your plan.

The 4-Year Guides were developed to help guide you to decide which courses to take and when. 

Students have the choice of completing a B.A or B.S. for their Criminal Justice Major.

Criminal Justice Minors

In the CJ minor, students focus on crime and violent behavior from viewpoints grounded in the traditional humanities and the social sciences. Although they are schooled in the practical knowledge and skills they will need in the criminal justice profession, students also receive thorough preparation in the arts and sciences. 

The information security systems minor, offered by the School of Computing and Information Systems and the School of Criminal Justice, is open to all students. This minor is designed to provide students with a foundation related to the principles of information security in a theoretical and practical application related to how a comprehensive information security program will contribute to protecting organizational information assets.

Only 12 credits maximum may apply to both the criminal justice major and ISS minor.

The juvenile justice minor, offered by the School of Criminal Justice, is a 21-credit interdisciplinary program open to all students. This minor is designed to promote an awareness and understanding of juvenile offenders and at-risk youth. This minor is also designed to provide students with a comprehensive education that will prepare them for careers in the field of human services as it relates to juvenile offenders and at-risk youth.

Only nine credits maximum may apply to both the criminal justice major and juvenile justice minor.

Criminal Justice Career Exploration & Opportunities

Considering a career related to Criminal Justice? Check out the links below for information about possible job outcomes and resources to help you explore your options.

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