The College of and Education Community Innovation Undergraduate Advising Center (CECI-UAC) provides convenient, accessible, and accurate academic advising and support for all students interested in academic programs housed within the College.

Academic Advising at GVSU

GVSU Undergraduate Academic Advising Mission Statement

Academic advising engages students in the process of exploring and defining their academic and career goals and in creating effective strategies to achieve these goals. Through collaborative relationships with academic advisors, students are encouraged and supported as they develop skills necessary to take responsibility for their own development and success. Academic advisors educate students by providing accessible, accurate, and timely information regarding academic requirements, university resources and opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and enrich the college experience and their personal lives. 

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Advising Services in the College of Education and Community Innovation

Here are just some of the ways the staff in the CECI-UAC can help you achieve your degree goals:

  • Degree Planning.  Academic Advisors help students make informed choices about degree and graduation requirements. They can help clarify curriculum, course content, and optimal course sequences. Advisors will also enhance student awareness of diverse educational experiences to further enrich the academic plan.
  • Goal Setting. Academic Advisors can assist students with the clarification of career and life goals; development of decision-making skills; reinforcement of self-direction; and evaluation of student progress toward established goals.
  • Outreach & Support. Academic Advisors can assist students with academic support needs through individual sessions, group workshops, and connections with educational resources across the university.
  • Policies & Procedures.  Students are responsible for their role in the academic process and navigating the university system. Academic Advisors can help clarify university policies and procedures to enhance the student’s ability to participate in the academic process.
  • Referrals. Academic Advisors can refer students to faculty mentors, other campus services and student success resources.

Who is my Advisor? Academic Advisors and Faculty Mentors

The College of Education and Community Innovation has professional academic advisors and faculty mentors to guide you through your academic and career goals. 

  1. You should meet with a professional academic advisor at least once per year, and preferably every fall semester, in the CECI Undergraduate Advising Center. Your advisor will assist you with:
    • Academic degree planning and goal setting
    • Course registration issues/questions
    • Questions related to your degree progress
    • Assistance with navigating processes/policies throughout the university
    • Assistance with seeking out support and resources to help you reach your goals
  2. You will also be assigned a faculty mentor within your major interest area to assist you with: 
    • Exploring career and job interests and professional pathways
    • Thinking about graduate school
    • Seeking out internships or volunteer experiences and professional networking
    • Involvement in student organizations, study abroad experiences, and undergraduate research opportunities 
    • What to consider for elective choices or possible minors that would be a good fit for your career interests



Interested in scheduling an appointment with a CECI Academic Advisor? You have 24/7 access through our online Appointment Management System. Just login to with your GVSU Network ID and Password and schedule your academic advising appointment online. Contact the CECI Undergraduate Advising Center at (616) 331-6890 with questions.

Page last modified August 2, 2022