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Academic Advisors are here to support you in completing your degree at GVSU. We are trained to support you as you develop a plan toward graduation, understand your future career goals, achieve your personal best in class, and feel connected to the campus community. With our student-centered approach, we listen to your questions, concerns, and goals first -- then we help guide you through the policies, procedures, opportunities, and choices here at GVSU. You're the one in charge of your own path, but we're here to help you along the way!

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Degree Planning

We help students make informed choices about degree and graduation requirements. That means we can help clarify curriculum, course content, and right-for-you course sequences. We also walk you through the many types of educational experiences you can have that make your college experience as rich and fulfilling as you want! Want to chat about your degree path, options, and courses related to your major?

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Goal Setting

We can assist you in the process of clarifying and identifying your own career and life goals, feeling more confident in decision-making processes, and becoming more powerful in your own self-direction. Want to chat with your advisor about planning for your future?

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Policy and Procedural Understanding

GVSU has policies and procedures for many aspects of college academics and life. We, as advisors, are here to help you sort it all out! While the university considers you responsible for your role in the academic process and navigating the university system, we are here to make it as smooth as possible. Want to meet with your advisor to learn more about policies, resolve an issue, or follow a specific university procedure?

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Campus Connecting

Grand Valley offers many resources around campus that support the academic, professional, and personal aspects of the lives of all students. As a student here, you have access to all of these resources. Want to meet with your advisor to get in touch with GVSU services?

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