What is the Peer Mentor Program

The peer mentor program is designed to provide leadership for participants in the College of Education and Community Innovation with the following programs: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Social Work, Legal Studies, Public, Non-profit, and Health Administration, and Criminal Justice assist in supporting new GVSU students (First-Year and Transfer Students) as they navigate Grand Valley and learn about their major. In addition, the program’s primary goal is to retain new students by providing a sense of community, professional development, and preparation for post-graduation.

How a peer mentor can help you!

  • Goal Setting/Career Development
  • Belonging and Wellness
  • Referrals for Financial Support
  • Academic Support
  • Study Skills/Time Management
  • Participate in Campus Events

Interested in having a peer mentor?

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Peer Mentors 2022

Cheyann Scutt (she/her)

Cheyann Scutt

Major/Minor: Legal Studies/Political Science

Class Standing: Senior

Hometown: Leslie, MI

When I'm not in class, working, or doing homework, I love to bake, play video games, binge-watch TV, and play with my cat Nyx! I also like to play tennis and go for walks! My ultimate career goal is to become an attorney and I plan to attend law school after graduation. While this is my last semester at GVSU, I'm excited to be a mentor this semester - I love helping others and I want to see them succeed. I've had to navigate most of my college career on my own, and I hope to pass the information I've learned onto others to make the college experience easier!

Grace Roedel (she/her)

Grace Roedel

Major/Minor: Social Work/Psychology and Juvenile Justice

Class Standing: Junior

Hometown: Fowlerville, MI

My name is Grace Roedel. I am a social work major and plan on pursuing a career in clinical social work while working with the population of incarcerated youth. I have a dog named, Abba, living with me here at college so my extra time revolves around playing with her and taking her to the dog park. I also love Harry Potter and am an avid Greys Anatomy fan. I am so excited to be a mentor and help you enjoy Grand Valley in every way possible! College can be tough but it's easier when you have resources available to answer all your questions!

Jenna Thornton (she/her)

Jenna Thornton Headshot

Major/Minor: Social Work/Criminal Justice

Class Standing: Junior

Hometown: Fenton, MI

Hi my name is Jenna! I am a junior here at GV, as well as an RA in Kistler Living Center! In my free time I like to listen to new music, read, journal, watch movies, and spend time with friend. I'm excited to be a mentor because I want to help make others as passionate and excited about pursuing a career in the social work field as I am.

Madison Hicks (she/her)

Madison Hicks Headshot

Major/Minor: Criminal Justice/Juvenile Justice

Class Standing: Senior

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. In my free time I like to journal and write about my days, binge watch different series, and practice self care. I am excited to be a mentor to improve my leadership skills and be a resource to my peers, offering advice and guidance on how to be successful here at Grand Valley.

Evan Potter (he/him)

Evan Potter Headshot

Major/Minor: Public and Nonprofit Administration

Class Standing: Junior

Hometown: Brighton, MI

I'm currently a first-year Fellow Candidate in the Cook Leadership Academy and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public and Nonprofit Administration with an emphasis in Community Health. I work as a Student Assistant in the Office of the President and volunteer for Ottawa County Parks and Recreation. I am also a member of various organizations on campus including Special Olympics, Making Waves, Pre-Nursing, and Pals Student Mentors. I am so excited to be a mentor with all of the fun activities that are planned throughout the semester and to build new friendships with everyone.

Mae Urness (she/her)

Mae Urness Headshot

Major/Minor: Criminal Justice/Juvenile Justice

Class Standing: Junior

Hometown: Benton Harbor, MI

I love being a student! Outside of school, I love the sunshine and warm weather. I play club basketball here at GV and I love going to the gym. I’ve also been boxing since I was young and I love moving around with my friends! I am planning on going into federal law enforcement after I graduate, but have also considered working with kids in the justice system. I am very excited to be a mentor, mostly because I love hearing about others plans. My freshman year, I was lost trying to find campus resources and a plan for my career. I hope to be able to guide others as they share their interests with me!

Do you want to become a Peer Mentor?


  • Have declared their major (HTM, SW, PNHA, LS or CJ) for at least 1 year
  • Demonstrate knowledge of campus and community resources
  • Demonstrate knowledge of major courses and programs
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills



  • Mentor first-year undergraduate students throughout the Winter 2022 semester
  • Refer students to appropriate university resources
  • Refer students to CECI advisors for academic planning
  • Meet with mentees 1-2 times a month
  • Provide regular written documentation of interaction with mentees
  • Regularly attend CECI Advising Events
  • Connect with your supervisor at least 1 time a month throughout the Winter 2022 Semester


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