Mathematics Placement

Initial Mathematics Placement

During your first year at GVSU, we want you to enroll in mathematics or statistics courses that fit your academic plans and your preparation. As a first step, when you are admitted, we determine an initial mathematics placement based on your mathematics subscore on the ACT or SAT exam. There are four possible initial placements:

  1. MTH 097: You are ready to enroll in MTH 097.
  2. MTH 097 Fulfilled: You are ready to enroll in MTH 110.
  3. MTH 110 Fulfilled: You are ready to enroll in courses whose only MTH prerequisite is MTH 110, which include most General Education Mathematical Sciences Foundations courses.
  4. MTH 122 & MTH 123 Fulfilled: You are ready to enroll in courses that have MTH prerequisites of MTH 122 and/or MTH 123, including MTH 201 (Calculus).

Please see the course catalog for the full descriptions of these courses. For more details about how initial placements are determined, see the Mathematics Advising Grid.

Mathematics Proficiency Testing

You can and should update your placement by taking one or more online proficiency tests. New students are automatically added to the testing system upon registering for orientation. Current GVSU students must email their name, G-number, and e-mail to to be added to the testing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times can I take each proficiency test?

A: There are two versions of each of the tests for MTH 110, 122, and 123. You may attempt each of these six tests once. There are also practice tests available to help you prepare.

Q: What if I have taken or am planning to take an AP test?

A: If you have taken the AP Calculus exam, we will update your placement to MTH 122 & MTH 123 Fulfilled in person when you attend your registration day. More information about AP and IB credit can be found at If you take the AP Calculus exam, there is no need for you to take a proficiency test.

Q: What if I need accommodations to take a proficiency test due to a documented disability?

A: If you have special needs because of a physical, learning, or other type of disability and need an accommodation to take a proficiency test, please contact Disability Support Resources (DSR) at (616) 331-2490 or online at Please contact DSR prior to attempting any of the online proficiency tests as you are only allowed to take each test once.

Q: If I pass a proficiency test, do I receive credit for the corresponding course?

A: Passing a proficiency test does not grant you credit in the corresponding course. So, for instance, passing the MTH 122 proficiency test does not grant you credit for MTH 122, but it does allow you to enroll in courses that have MTH 122 as a prerequisite.

If you have any questions regarding the math proficiency tests, please contact the Department of Mathematics - Math Proficiency Testing: or (616) 331-2040.