Hospitality & Tourism Management

The Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) program offers a practical, management-oriented program that seeks to integrate theory with experience. The program was established in 1977 in response to the need for professionally trained managers. The HTM department also offers the HTM and Adventure Tourism Management (ATM) minors.

This page will provide information about the HTM Major, HTM and ATM Minors and HTM Career Exploration & Opportunities

For additional information about the program, check out the HTM Department's website

Hospitality and Tourism Management Advising Guides

These advising guides explain which courses are required for the HTM major. Use the checklist corresponding to your catalog year, which is determined by when you began at Grand Valley. Current students should refer to their myPath if uncertain what catalog to follow.

Fall 2019 - Spring/Summer 2020

(Expires Spring/Summer 2027)

Fall 2018 - Spring/Summer 2019

(Expires Spring/Summer 2026)

The First Year Guides are meant to help direct students who have not been in college before. Each of the guides provide class suggestions based on a student's math and/or writing placement. Not all scenarios are represented here so you should follow up with an academic advisor to personalize your plan.

The 4-Year Guides were developed to help guide you to decide which courses to take and when. 

Adventure Tourism, Cannabis Operations and HTM Minors

Students interested in Adventure Tourism should consider at least one field experience course in their minor program. Interested students must meet with the HTM Department Chair or Assistant Chair to establish a specific plan in advance.

Students considering an HTM minor should use the following worksheet when deciding which courses to take. Please note that all courses, except HTM 101, must be approved by an advisor to count toward the minor. Students minoring in HTM are encouraged to consider including at least one field experience in their program. Interested students must meet with the HTM Department Chair or Assistant Chair to establish a specific plan in advance.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Career Exploration & Opportunities

Considering a career in HTM? Check out the links below for resources to help you explore the many things you can do with an HTM degree.

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