What to Expect at a Session

Visit us during our virtual drop-in hours for writing help in any of your GVSU classes! 


To be prepared for your session, it's best to...

Bring your assignment sheet with you. Having the assignment's guidelines and your professor's expectations helps the consultant stay informed of what is required of you. This will also keep you both focused on what issues or goals to prioritize.


Leave plenty of time to revise your work upon leaving the Center. Consultants are trained to support you in your revisions -- they are not going to make changes for you or write in your place. So, planning your appointment well-ahead of your due-date will give you and your consultant a chance to work through revisions at a management pace. 


Come prepared with specific questions about your writing. Sometimes it's hard to know why a piece of writing isn't working. And we get that. Coming to a consultation with specific goals and questions, however, does help the consultant know more about how to support you. If you can, it's always best to know what you're looking for before you come in -- but consultants can help you figure this part out too!


The Consultant Will Ask You Questions

During your session, the consultant will ask you questions about your writing assignment, goals for the project, and writing successes and struggles. We ask a lot of questions to ensure that the session is focused on your assignment and your individualized needs.

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The Consultant Will Read Your Writing: Aloud or Silently

You'll then read through the paper together. Along the way, and certainly after reading through the paper, the consultant will ask more questions to help you think about how you want the paper to develop; the consultant will also give you feedback to your writing. During the session, you and the consultant may use resources to find answers to your questions.


The Consultant Will Help You Make A Plan

At the end of the session, the consultant will help you to devise a plan for revision. After all, you came to the writing center so you could make your paper better!


Feel Free To Come Back!

Feel free to make a follow-up appointment to come back with a new draft. It's a normal part of the writing process to revise and edit/proofread your paper multiple times. We're happy to help you continue to rethink the paper until you feel you've gotten it right!
We hope you'll drop by and see us soon.




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Page last modified August 12, 2020