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Thank you for your interest in our email consultation service - available to students who don't have access to face-to-face services, which include students taking online classes, students from Traverse City, Holland, or Muskegon campuses, study abroad students, and graduate students. Students who are taking hybrid courses, which have online and face-to-face coursework, should contact the writing center about access. All students are limited to one email submission at a time. 

By filling out the following form, you are confirming that you qualify for this service and you understand that our consultant will take up to 72 hours to respond with feedback after you complete the submission process. 


1) We hope and aim to respond to papers as quickly as possible, but during busy times of the semester (midterms, end-of-semester) all students should prepare for a longer than normal wait time as we try to meet student demand. 

2) The writing consultant is only allowed ONE HOUR for your submission. Within this time period, a consultant is able to provide feedback on up to 12-15 pages

3) For best feedback, please submit your draft in a format that can be edited (doc, docx, txt, ppt, etc). Submitting in PDF format can create an obstacle for providing embedded feedback in your document. 


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Email Consultation: Web Form

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Please note: For written drafts, we require drafts be submitted in a text-based format (doc, docx, rtf, txt) so we are able to embed feedback and comments into your draft. If your submission utilizes a different format (such as a Powerpoint, PDF, or video), please upload a short written explanation or assignment sheet in the upload option below (which is required) and upload your other file in the second upload window. 

Page last modified May 13, 2019