Student Staff Recognition

Athletic & Recreation Facilities Student Recognition

2020-2021 Athletic & Recreation Employee of the Year: Ryan Archer

It is with a sense of pride and collective support that the Athletic and Recreation Facilities Team congratulates the 2020-2021 Employee of the Year, Ryan Archer! Ryan has been an outstanding employee since the day he got here. He is the perfect example of what we expect from all of our employees. He is reliable, professional and such a hard worker.  Ryan comes into the Kelly every shift with a great attitude that rubs off on his peers to set the energy in the building. Thank you for all of the hard work you have put forward during your time here and the work you put in this year!

Ryan Archer sitting

October 2021 Rec Star: Matthew Corrado

Please join the Athletic and Recreation Facilities Management in congratulating Matthew Corrado as our October Rec Star! Congratulations! Over the month of October Matthew accumulated over 55 hours’ worth of time at the Rec Center, not to mention, this being his first month working here! Not only that, Matthew has accumulated multiple positive write-ups and his co-workers have spoken very highly of him and we all think that he is an excellent addition to the team! His willingness to jump right into this job with a smile on his face is amazing! Every time that he comes into work, Matthew is constantly cleaning, wiping down equipment, doing rounds and helping out wherever he is  needed! His attention to detail while cleaning during his shifts does not go unnoticed! With all that said, lets all thank Matthew for always coming into work, keeping this facility clean and positive and showing us how dedicated he is to this job! We are so happy to have Matthew apart of the Rec Center Team! Keep up the good work and again, Congratulations!

Matthew Corrado

Turf Star

Check back in the future for Turf Stars!