Membership Rates

GVSU Student

  • Student access to the Rec Center is FREE, just bring your GVSU issued Student ID.

​​​​​​​GVSU Faculty/Staff

  • GVSU Faculty/Staff access is FREE with a valid GVSU Faculty/Staff ID.
  • Spouse and/or dependents of benefit-eligible GVSU Faculty and Staff may receive a Recreation Center card for a processing fee of $25/year/person as long as the Faculty/Staff member they are listed under is still actively employed by GVSU.
  • Non-benefit eligible Faculty/Staff will still be able to purchase memberships for spouse and/or dependents at the alumni rate.

GVSU Alumni

  • GVSU graduates or anyone who has earned 60 credits or more from GVSU are qualified to purchase a membership at the alumni rate.
  • Alumni may purchase an individual alumni membership for themselves or a family membership for their immediate family (spouse and dependents only). 

Membership Length

Individual Rate 

Family Rate

Alumni 1 Month



Alumni 6 Month



Alumni 12 Month




  • Members of the community or those that have earned less than 60 earned credit hours from GVSU may purchase a community membership for themselves and/or immediate family (spouse/dependents). 

Membership Length

Individual Rate

Family Rate

Community 1 Month



Community 6 Month



Community 12 Month



Replacement Card

  • There is a $25 charge for replacement cards.  Please use this link to complete the form and submit payment to request a new ID card. 

Pool Punch Card

  • For members of the community who want just a pool membership, this is for you! 
  • Cost: $100.00 Visits: 25 (good for the pool only)
  • Pool punch cards can be scanned on the pool deck, you will not need to scan in at the Rec Center desk.
  • Pool punch cards can be purchased by credit card only  at the back welcome desk of the rec center.  

Page last modified January 16, 2024