Lost and Found

GVSU Athletic and Recreation Facilities Management is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. All users of our facilities are highly encouraged to closely monitor personal belongings and/or utilize the lockers provided within the facilities. It is also advised that you limit the number of valuable items brought to the facilities in order to minimize the threat of loss. 

If lost or stolen items are retrieved within our facilities please bring them to the Kelly Family Sports Center Front Desk or Recreation Center Front Desk immediately.  

Valuable items such as jewelry, wallets, and cell phones are logged and stored in a secure area. Payment Card Industry standards are followed regarding lost credit cards. Other items left behind such as clothing, recreational equipment,  and workout gear are logged in a database upon retrieval and stored at the Recreation Center for up to 14 days prior to donation.

Athletic and Recreation Facilities Management will make every attempt to contact the property's owner whenever possible.

Lost and Found Desk

Page last modified August 22, 2023