Equipment Rentals & Purchases

The Recreation Center and the Kelly Family Sports Center have an abundance of recreational equipment at your disposal.  In order to gain rental access to any of the provided items, you must present a valid GVSU I.D. or Day Pass to a Member Service Desk Representative.  Front Desk personnel will scan your I.D. and then provide you with the given rental item(s) you wish to check out.

 All items MUST be returned within the same day and are not to leave the premises of the facility they are checked out of. (Exceptions to this would include items at the Kelly Family Sports Center which can be used for the outdoor fields and courts).  If items are damaged or not returned, Athletic and Recreation Facilities Management may charge you for a replacement of the item.

The Recreation Center also has limited equipment available for purchase.  If you wish to purchase anything from the Recreation Center ask a member of our staff to assist you in locating the appropriate QR code for online purchase. As a reminder, GVSU is a cashless campus.   

The Recreation Center
The Recreation Center
The Recreation Center

Equipment Available at the Recreation Center for Free:

  • Ab wheel
  • Badminton Rental Set
  • Racquetballs
  • Jump Ropes (weighted and speed ropes)
  • Locks 
  • Basketballs (men or women)
  • Weight Belts
  • Ankle Weights
  • Volleyballs
  • Walleyball 
  • Small Towel (hand towel)
  • Wrist Straps
  • Agility Ladders
  • Stop Watches
  • Resistance Bands
  • Squash Balls
  • Futsals
  • Soccer Balls
  • Floor Hockey

Equipment Available For Purchase:

  • Lock (Purchase)- $6.00
  • Large Towel (Rental) - $1.00
  • Towel Rental (Per Semester) - $10.00
  • Racquetball Package (Purchase) - $30.00
  • Racquetball Racquet (Purchase) - $18.00
  • Racquetball Glasses (Purchase) - $11.00
  • Sleeve of 3 Racquetballs (Purchase) - $5.00

Equipment Available in the Kelly Family Sports Center for Free:

  • Tennis Racquets and Balls
  • Lacrosse Balls
  • Football Flags 
  • Footballs 
  • Cones 
  • Frisbees 
  • Soccer Balls 
  • Outdoor Basketballs
  • Outdoor Volleyballs
  • Large Towels

The Outdoor Adventure Center also has a variety of equipment available for rent.  These include such items as kayaks, ever popular snowshoes, and a wide variety camping equipment. Be sure to checkout the OAC gear rental page to see all they have to offer!

Group Equipment Rentals 

If you are interested in reserving equipment for a large group on campus please call the Recreation Center Welcome Desk at (616) 331-3313.

Page last modified June 16, 2023