Meet the Team

Recreation Center Front Desk: (616) 331-3313
Kelly Family Sports Center Front Desk: (616) 331-8940

BRAD WALLACE: Associate Athletic Director, Athletic & Recreation Facilities
Email: [email protected] / Phone: (616) 331-8728


Open Position: Assistant Athletic Director - Facility and Event Operations, Recreation Center and Pool 
Email:  / Phone: 

BRENT TAVIS: Assistant Athletic Director - Facility and Event Operations, Kelly Family Sports Center and Outdoor Fields
Email: [email protected] / Phone: (616) 331-8730

ALEX WISE: Assistant Athletic Director - Facility and Event Operations, Fieldhouse
Email: [email protected] / Phone: (616) 331-2686


SYDNEY BAKER: Facility and Group Coordinator, Athletic & Recreation Facilities
Email:[email protected] / Phone: (616) 331-3223

CLAIRE LEWIS: Facility and Event Coordinator, Kelly Family Sports Center and Outdoor Fields
Email: [email protected]  / Phone: (616)-331-9149

DAVID LEWIS: Facility and Event Coordinator, Fieldhouse
Email: [email protected] / Phone: (616)-331-3442

ANNETTE STROMBERG: Team Apparel Manager
Email: [email protected] 


NICOLE BROWER: Office Assistant for Finance & Memberships
Email: [email protected] / Phone: (616) 331-8894

KATE KNOPP: Office Assistant for Scheduling
Email: [email protected] / Phone: (616) 331-2685


BRENDAN DACEY: Graduate Assistant - Kelly Family Sports Center & Outdoor Field Operations
Email: [email protected]

ISABELL DAVID: Graduate Assistant - Recreation Center Operations
Email: [email protected] 

JOSH ZUIDEMA: Graduate Assistant - Game Operations
Email: [email protected]


We are assisted by many wonderful student workers who work day in and day out to keep our facilities up and running.

Student Team 2020

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